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Cowboys over/under: 16 sacks for Cowboys’ Micah Parsons in 2023

Can one of the leagues premier pass rushers set a new career high in sacks this year?

Dallas Cowboys v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Is there anybody in the NFL more primed for a massive season than Micah Parsons? The young superstar seems like he is just starting to scratch the surface of his potential. The anticipation for his 2023 campaign is something not only Cowboys fans are feeling, but so are many others around the league.

In Parsons’ first two seasons, he has fully entrenched himself as a gigantic star in the NFL and an absolutely vital piece to the Cowboys defense, now and in the future. Soon we will be talking about the massive contract he will command, but in the meantime let’s take a look at his impressive production in his first two years and discuss what may be possible in year three.

Parsons finished his rookie season with a sack total of 13 and upped that by a half sack in 2022 when he finished with 13.5. While those numbers are impressive, especially for a guy who was asked to do so many other things than to just pass rush, some feel that Parsons tailed off towards the end of the year as he got worn down and the attrition of the season got to him a bit. Parsons has vowed to put on more weight to help him in the trenches as he looks to tally more pass rush reps in 2023.

So are 16 sacks this year too much to expect or is it just right?

In 2022 only three players tallied 16 or more sacks with two others being within .5 of the number, but with Parsons expecting to ascend even further in year three, it would be foolish to think that the number is unobtainable.

The Cowboys have done a great job this offseason of adding defensive pieces to help maximize Parsons and the rest of this unit which may lead to more production for the star. The addition of an interior player like Mazi Smith, who the Cowboys believe can provide pressure in the middle, and a cornerback like Stephon Gilmore, who may force quarterbacks to hold on to the ball a hair longer, allowing Micah to capture the edge and make an impact play more frequently.

Obviously, there are so many variables that can change expectations. Injuries, weekly schemes, and team specific priorities can all change week to week, but when looking at the 2023 season and what it could mean for Micah Parsons, it's hard not to feel like it could be a special campaign that many will be right in looking to hammer the over for his sack total.

What’s your call over or under 16 sacks for Parsons, and why?

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