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Terrell Owens says Darren Woodson deserves to be in Pro Football Hall of Fame over John Lynch

Terrell Owens recently chimed in on Darren Woodson being excluded from the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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You know what they say about opinions... everybody has them. Opinions tend to rile people up about certain subjects more than others, though. One of these options is obviously the world of sports since we all have different thoughts and views on what is what, so to speak.

As far as the world of sports is concerned, matters like a Hall of Fame can really ruffle some feathers. Every year people debate candidacy for certain players over another, and obviously as Dallas Cowboys fans we are always arguing that players who wore the star should get their rightful place in Canton, OH with a bronze bust and gold jacket.

Thankfully this year a more than deserving candidate will receive membership in the most coveted fraternity that professional football has to offer in DeMarcus Ware. Unfortunately, 15 years have now passed for Darren Woodson who absolutely deserves a place in it as well.

If you think you are the only person to think that, think again.

Terrell Owens says Darren Woodson deserves to be in the Hall of Fame over John Lynch

Speaking of opinions, they are rather split on Terrell Owens in general. Whatever your feelings on Owens’ time in Dallas are, it is impossible to argue that he is one of the greatest players of all time.

On a recent episode of his show Getcha Popcorn Ready on Fubo Sports, T.O. was talking to fellow HOF wide receiver Andre Reed and the subject of Darren Woodson came up. Owens noted that Woody absolutely deserves to be in it, and went as far as saying that it he absolutely deserved a spot over John Lynch (Lynch was enshrined in 2021).

We have written many articles noting how Woodson deserves a spot in Canton, but T.O. going as far as naming someone who Woody deserves a spot over is obviously another level. Names like Lynch and Brian Dawkins are ones that some fans have said Woodson definitely deserves a spot in over, but given that Owens played against them all again gives his opinion a different level of emphasis to it.

For what it is worth, Owens never played with Woodson in Dallas so it’s not like he is advocating for a teammate of his as we have seen other HOF players do. Additionally it’s not like what T.O. said is outlandish. An argument for Woodson over Lynch can certainly be made.


If you want to boil things down to things like interceptions and forced fumbles (which you shouldn’t) then Woodson is right there with Lynch despite having significantly less opportunities in terms of games played. As many have noted over the years, Woodson is also the all-time leading tackler in Cowboys franchise history and was one of the most important defensive presences on a unit that won three titles in a four-year span. The case writes itself.

Whether or not Woodson will make it into the Hall of Fame obviously remains to be seen, but if it were up to T.O. then it would have happened a long time ago.

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