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PFF ranks Cowboys’ Brian Schottenheimer as a top 10 offensive coordinator

It’s a new era for the Dallas Cowboys when it comes to their offense, both the play-caller and the coordinator.

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Over the last four years, the Dallas Cowboys offense has looked like one of the league's best at times. Conversely, they could also look stale and stagnant through stretches, and oftentimes at the biggest moments, as well. The latter of those two statements is why Kellen Moore is out and Brian Schottenheimer is in as the Cowboys' offensive coordinator in 2023. While Moore is widely respected for his work here in Dallas, and the ranking list we are going to highlight shows that fact as well, it is good to know that the new guy at the helm is recognized for his contributions, and is an asset to this Cowboys team in his own right.

According to the latest PFF top 10 offensive coordinator rankings, Schottenheimer is one of the 10 best at the position in the league.


This will be Brian Schottenhemer’s fifth stint as an offensive coordinator between the NFL and college football — and his first since he was let go by the Seattle Seahawks. With Kellen Moore departed from Dallas, the Cowboys and Mike McCarthy clearly have defined ideas about where they want this offense to go, and Schottenheimer has always leaned toward the run game (in part, seemingly in search of the magic number 53).

Interestingly enough, this very same list includes Moore at number two, and while the argument can be made that Moore is the better offensive mind than Schottenheimer, a fresh start was needed for both parties involved so there is no sense in harping on a situation that has come and gone.

More pertinent to the Cowboys is the fact that even though Schottenheimer is the offensive coordinator by name, it will be head coach Mike McCarthy’s offense with Schottenheimer injecting some of his thoughts and ideas there as well.

This season it is all on the line for McCarthy and that dynamic is what makes the Schottenheimer situation fascinating. Clearly, Schottenheimer is respected across the league and the Cowboys thought enough of him to give him the promotion, but ultimately this season, and possibly the fate of McCarthy’s job, rests on his own shoulders here in 2023.

A lot is to be sorted out as we draw closer to training camp, and no matter how the division of power and decision-making is sorted out, it is never a bad thing to have a staff that includes one of the league's best offensive minds to help you sort it out.

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