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6 Dallas Cowboys land in Pro Football Network’s NFL Top 100 players list of 2023

Who and where would you rank Cowboys players in the Top 100 in the NFL?

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Pro Football Network (PFN) recently released a ranking of the Top 100 players in the NFL for the upcoming 2023 season. Not so surprisingly, the Dallas Cowboys had several of their own make the list. To be exact, six of them made the cut. Who and where they ended up being ranked is a matter of opinion, but you can decide on your own the accuracy of it.

84) CeeDee Lamb, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Few players have the ability to improve their stock in 2023 as much as CeeDee Lamb. His route-running prowess and post-catch ability make him one of the most dangerous receivers in the NFL. The problem with Lamb has been consistency.

Giving up on routes, running the wrong ones, and suffering a few concentration drops hurt what could have been an insanely productive 2022 despite the lack of help around him in the passing game. Brandin Cooks could open things up, and if Lamb can come out in 2023 the way he finished in 2022, he’ll be one of the most productive pass catchers in the NFL.

This seems a little low for CeeDee Lamb, however, the criticism of the Cowboys #1 WR rings true. No. 88 possesses a talent to be as good as any other receiver in the league, but until he comes much more consistent with his overall game certain issues may continue to plague him.

69) Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott hasn’t had much better luck with injuries than Jackson has since 2020. The veteran QB broke his ankle in 2020 and his thumb in the first game of 2022. Although he went 8-4 as a starter last season, Prescott had a down year. While many of his interceptions were the product of poor communication or bad luck, he was more inconsistent as a passer last season. But with the addition of Brandin Cooks and, more importantly, speed to the offensive attack, expectations haven’t been this high for a Cowboys team in some time.

After the way the 2022 season played out for Dak Prescott, coming in at No. 69 seems pretty accurate. With the addition of Brandin Cooks to the passing game and with hopefully better luck staying healthy, there’s no reason to believe Dallas’ QB won’t have a bounce back season in 2023.

56) Trevon Diggs, CB, Dallas Cowboys

Diggs was more consistent in coverage last season than he was when he earned All-Pro honors the year before, but he didn’t have double-digit INT numbers to boast. The Cowboys cornerback actually disappointed a season ago in that department, as the once sure-handed defensive back dropped multiple attempts a season ago, possibly proving to us all why he switched from WR to CB at Alabama. With Stephon Gilmore on the opposite side for 2023, Diggs has an opportunity to cement his ball-hawking legacy as he likely sees an uptick in targets against this year.

Trevon Diggs landing just outside the Top 50 feels pretty acceptable. His overall game improved last season, even if his INT numbers dropped. Now with Stephon Gilmore, an All-Pro CB, playing opposite of him in 2023, he could end up having a career season. Not bad for a player entering a contract year.

54) Stephon Gilmore, CB, Dallas Cowboys

The thought of pairing Gilmore with Diggs and Dan Quinn has Cowboys fans buzzing. While the “it’s our year” narrative is often an overplayed media trope and less about how fans actually feel, they actually have high hopes for 2023. Gilmore is coming off a fantastic year with Gus Bradley, and while there is more nuance in Quinn’s defense, there will be a heavy dose of man coverage and Cover 3 that plays with match principles.

It’s probably splitting hairs Stephon Gilmore is ranked ahead of Trevon Diggs, however, considering his consistency and track record throughout his career landing slightly ahead of his teammate in the rankings is justifiable. In Gilmore and Diggs, the Cowboys could have the top CB duo in the entire league in 2023.

17) Zack Martin, G, Dallas Cowboys

Zack Martin is the best guard in the NFL – he has been since 2014 – and is barely even beginning to slow down. He’s made first or second-team All-Pros in eight of his nine seasons, six being of the first-team variety. If the Terminator was a football player, he would be Martin. He is a machine on the right side for the Dallas Cowboys, and the only blemish on his record comes from his 10-game season in 2020 when he was forced to move to right tackle and ended up missing six games.

Zack Martin is not only the best guard in the NFL, but he may be the best overall offensive lineman as well. There’s not another OL regardless of position ahead of him on the list who has been more consistent or dominant as No. 70 has throughout his career. Because of that, he probably could’ve been ranked a little higher.

2) Micah Parsons, EDGE, Dallas Cowboys

Yes, that’s right. Nobody is more valuable to their defense than Micah Parsons. And while Garrett was the top EDGE in the positional rankings, Parsons is not simply a one-trick pony. While his days on the second level are fleeting, and he’s added a little bulk to handle a full-time EDGE role, Parsons does it all on defense. In Year 3 of Dan Quinn’s defense, and with a great secondary behind him, Parsons has the chance to accomplish something special in 2023.

It’s hard to argue Micah Parsons coming in at No. 2 behind only QB Patrick Mahomes isn’t correct. He’s a truly unique player who has already risen to superstar status in his short two-year career in the NFL. With the offseason work he’s put in and the upgrades Dallas has made to their defense, the skies the limit of what he can accomplish in 2023.

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