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DeMarcus Ware sees growth in Dallas Cowboys from when Mike McCarthy first arrived

The legend believes in this year’s Cowboys group.

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The Dallas Cowboys have a rich and storied history. Next week will see a new chapter written (so to speak) in franchise history when DeMarcus Ware and Chuck Howley enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

We have been fortunate here at Blogging The Boys to be able to interview the former a few times over the last years and once again fate smiled upon us. Ware spoke with BTB on Friday morning, thanks to our friends at Sleep Number, to discuss a variety of things and obviously we talked a lot about his upcoming enshrinement.

With all of Ware’s Cowboys career being re-lived in the lead up to next week, I asked him what his favorite memory was with the team and offered my own personal favorite. Amazingly he had forgotten about mine, one of the best plays of his career.

I could not go the entire interview without asking Ware what he thinks about the current Dallas Cowboys and while this is a bit of a chalk question, his answer was really interesting.

He specifically highlighted the leadership that he has seen from the team, but not the way that you think. He talked about focus leadership and how the team has sort of dialed in on specific leaders and how this is a bit of a development from earlier in the McCarthy era.

I always say the Dallas Cowboys can win the Super Bowl every year. Going over there and talking to McCarthy, talking to DQ... it was a great feeling to see that the guys actually owning who they are, where they fit in the defense or offense and they were having fun.

And the leaders were actually being leaders. Because usually you go over there, there are so many leaders. But now you have a lot of guys that can be leaders but they pinpointed like a DeMarcus Lawrence, or a Micah Parsons or a Dak Prescott. You are our guy. We’re following you.

And I feel like that’s what was needed especially coming from the earlier years when McCarthy first came and you’re seeing them mature now into a better team. I think that... they have all the tools. They do. It’s all about the injuries this year and them getting into the postseason.

Beyond leadership and being good at football the Cowboys, like everyone else, will also need to survive the season on an injury front. That is a very fair point from Ware and in general.

If you would like to see our entire interview with him you can watch it right below or on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel.

If you prefer audio you can also listen to the interview on the Blogging The Boys podcast network.

Once again we are incredibly thankful to DeMarcus Ware and to Sleep Number for the time.

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