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CeeDee Lamb: Cowboys offense is in Dak’s hands now, however he’s feeling versus the coverage

The Cowboys offense will flow through Dak Prescott.

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Much has been made over the course of the offseason and up through the start of training camp about the Dallas Cowboys offense and how different it will or won’t be in 2023. Out is Kellen Moore, although still currently in California with his new team, the Los Angeles Chargers, and in is, well, nobody new really.

While Brian Schottenheimer is the new Cowboys offensive coordinator, it is head coach Mike McCarthy who is the team’s play-caller. McCarthy has called plays before and did so to a very high degree, but there are many who are skeptical of what his Cowboys offense will look like.

According to one person who is relatively in the know, it appears that while the play-caller is different, the offense will run through one constant that has not changed.

CeeDee Lamb says the Cowboys offense is in Dak Prescott’s hands now

It goes without saying that an NFL team’s quarterback is the most important player on the team, and obviously the better they are the more command they have over the offense that they are overseeing.

2023 is Dak Prescott’s eighth season in the NFL, he is literally the league’s longest-tenured starting quarterback in terms of teams players are currently on, so he has obviously seen a thing or two. This season may be Prescott’s fourth with McCarthy at the helm specifically, not to mention his first without Moore involved with the team in any sort of fashion, but it appears that whoever is calling plays is really just funneling things through Prescott himself.

CeeDee Lamb appeared on 105.3 The Fan on Monday morning in an interview that was previously recorded prior to the day (the Cowboys hold their first padded practice on Monday) and spoke about how the offense is in Dak Prescott’s hands now.

All the offense is in Dak’s hands now. It’s not necessarily, you know, being called from Mike or Kel since last year. But now it’s all on Dak, however he’s feeling versus the coverage. If he likes the matchup we’re gonna call that play. If he likes whatever he likes versus zone he’s gonna call that play. So technically it’s all in Dak’s hands.

Quite frankly this makes all the sense in the world given that Prescott is the person assessing things at the line of scrimmage and that he is the person who, you know, actually has to play quarterback. This is also very common across the NFL so it is not like Lamb is sharing any sort of state secret, but this is putting things in a very matter-of-fact way.

Lamb spoke about Prescott specifically a bit more and mentioned an element to his game that may be on display this season, the deep ball.

He’s very aggressive, and the way he wants to win, I mean, that’s everybody. And he’s looking for the deep ball now. And, man, as you see today it’s up there. So if you’re not gonna back up, this is a warning to everybody, if you’re not gonna back up, good luck.

The new presence of Brandin Cooks has been associated with a lot of discussions along these lines so perhaps it will come to fruition as we all expect/believe/hope.

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