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Cowboys right tackle Terence Steele says nobody ever approached him about playing left guard

Terence Steele seems set on playing right tackle.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A few months ago, during the middle of the offseason, the Dallas Cowboys sent us for a bit of a ride by dropping various breadcrumbs about their plans at left guard. With training camp off and running, the team has been playing Tyler Smith playing left guard, but previously there were a number of things tossed out by the organization including the idea of Terence Steele moving over there.

To this point in his career, Steele has only played tackle for the Cowboys so the idea seemed pretty out there as far as possible options, but that did not stop the team from putting it out into the world for conversation.

Steele appeared on R&R In The Morning on San Antonio Sports Star on Monday morning and was asked directly about this whole idea. He mentioned that he was never approached by anyone from the team’s football operations about playing guard.

Question: So no one on the team, no one on the staff. No offensive line coach? No OC, nobody ever came to you talk about left guard?

Terence Steele: Nothing. It’s all always been just right tackle.

Question: But do you feel like you could? Are they interchangeable, though?

Terence Steele: Uh, I feel like I have the most experience at right tackle. I know I played there in college and, um, obviously these last couple years here. So, I mean that’s, I feel like that’s my best position. But if they felt otherwise, and I don’t know, I guess we have to figure it out.

It is possible that the Cowboys were simply thinking out loud (shout out to Ed Sheeran) with the idea of Steele at guard, but whatever the case, it is comforting to know that it was never something that they were planning on given that the idea does not make much sense.

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