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Cowboys training camp: Takeaways from the first day in pads

Monday was an intense day for the Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Monday was a significant day for the Dallas Cowboys as it marked their first practice of training camp while wearing pads. It was not quite the first day of school, but it was the first big assignment of the new semester.

As is obvious there was an uptick in intensity from this past week where things were sort of getting off of the ground. I am in Oxnard for the week with my friends from San Antonio Sports Star where we are hosting shows and gathering interviews that we will obviously share bits from here at the site. If you are so inclined you can listen to me every day from 10-12 CT. We had Terence Steele on on Monday morning (where he talked about the silly idea of him playing left guard) and Tony Pollard on on Monday afternoon. Plenty more to come as mentioned.

Here were my takeaways from practice, I’ll be sharing them in the same way on both Tuesday and Thursday.

Dak Prescott is moving around a lot

Obviously there is no real tackling happening yet which is to Dak Prescott’s advantage, but he is showing a lot of moving around and shiftiness when plays break down. It is clear that he is trying to prepare himself for that sort of thing.

Prescott is going to be running for a million yards in 2023. but it seems evident that he has a green light to make things happen with his legs a bit.

Tyler Biadasz is a loud leader which was cool to see

At one point a skirmish (using that word very loosely) broke out and Tyler Biadasz was not pleased with it. The contract-year center took it upon himself to vocally address his dissatisfaction.

Biadasz is a bit of a quiet personality but he seems very ready to jump into action when called upon. It was a cool thing to see from the center.

Jalen Tolbert will definitely have his opportunities

These may just be training camp eyes, but Jalen Tolbert really does look incredible.

Part of what is helping Tolbert is that he has so many opportunities. It seems very evident that Dak Prescott has taken a liking to him and is looking for him when he can.

We all agree that Tolbert taking a leap will help the offense. Dare I say I am starting to believe that it is legitimately going to happen.

The first-team pass rush is insane

Look, we all understand that Micah Parsons is a special pass rusher. There is simply no match for him.

But DeMarcus Lawrence had his fair share of wins on Monday, too. Overall the Cowboys have an incredibly stifling pass rush (part of why Dak was moving around as mentioned) that is going to be a problem for opponents.

Again, Monday was just the first day in pads so there was a little bit of wading in happening all over the place. If there is anything in particular that you want me to try and keep an eye on to share, please let us all know in the comments down below.

Also if you have any questions for any players in particular I will see what we can do about asking them if we happen to get interviews with the players in question.

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