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Celebrate our In-Dak-pendence with 4 reasons to love the QB for America’s Team, Dak Prescott

Celebrate the 4th by appreciating no. 4.

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It’s been nearly 250 years since the 13 original colonies declared their independence from the British rule of King George III. A lot has changed since then. We have electric cars now, the internet, and even Pepsi-flavored ketchup, so clearly, things are looking up.

We also have had over 60 years of Dallas Cowboys football and during most of that time we’ve been graced with the presence of Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Danny White, Tony Romo, and now Dak Prescott. And while it’s easy to take for granted that we have a special quarterback, sometimes it’s good to have a reminder. As we celebrate our freedom, let’s take a moment to also appreciate the greatness that is Dak Prescott with four reasons to love the quarterback for America’s Team.

We got one

In a league where so many teams are scratching and clawing to find themselves a franchise quarterback, it’s just nice knowing the Cowboys aren’t one of those teams. Think about teams like the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets who have been through the gauntlet with so many failed attempts in search of their guy. Even the division foe Washington Commanders have put together some decent squads over the years only to go nowhere due to not having a viable passer. And we just witnessed the Denver Broncos trade away some huge draft capital last year to acquire Russell Wilson. They only won five games last year. Nothing is promised.

Winning football games is hard, but it becomes almost impossible without a good quarterback behind center. The Cowboys are fortunate to be one of the lucky ones.

There’s still a lot left in the tank

Prescott is entering his eighth season in the league and will turn 30 years old before the start of the new season. He’s no longer the same 23-year-old spring chicken that entered the league back in 2016. But at the same time, he’s just getting started. Tony Romo played seven seasons past the age of 30, although back injuries did cut things short for him as he barely saw the field during his final two years in the league. While Prescott is getting up there, time is not running out for him.

Prescott has averaged 257 yards per game, which is more than any Cowboys quarterback who has played more than three games in the NFL. He’s already top three in yards, top two in touchdowns, and his 97.8 passer rating is higher than any Cowboys passer who has attempted at least 100 throws. And while you may think his numbers are inflated for volume, that’s not completely true as his 2% interception percentage is the best-ever for a Cowboys quarterback who has attempted at least 300 passes. At his current pace, Prescott is just a few years from having all the passing records in team history, and that’s a huge achievement considering the number of great quarterbacks who have worn the star.

He’s just a great person

It’s easy rooting for this guy because he’s just such a phenomenal person. His character is off the charts which was one of the things that drew the Cowboys coaches to him during the draft process. Prescott is this past year’s recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award which is given to those who have shown excellent off-the-field service in their community. There’s a short list of Cowboys players who have won this award, including truly great humans like Roger Staubach and Jason Witten.

Prescott’s Faith Fight Finish Foundation has helped so many people. It started with Cancer awareness, strengthening relations between law enforcement and the community, and now also includes helping with mental health and suicide prevention. If it involves overcoming adversity, Dak’s there, and you couldn’t ask for a better representative.

He’s a playmaker

There are a lot of reasons to love Prescott, but it starts with what he does on the football field. Prescott has been exciting to watch right from the onset and it’s never stopped being exciting. From running to throwing to even catching touchdown passes, Prescott does it all. He’ll come from behind, he’ll throw for over 500 yards, and he sacrifices his body to reach that end zone. His career highlight reel is already quite impressive and we’ve dialed up some of that goodness for you today.

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