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Cowboys insider: “He’s off the charts... he is going to be here a long time” when discussing Tyler Smith

One Cowboys insider believes the team hit a home run with their drafting of Tyler Smith.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are all about their homegrown talent. The team lives and dies by their draft process and when they are able to get early returns on those investments, people, including those covering the team, tend to take notice. The Athletic’s Jon Machota joined Aidan Davis and myself on the latest episode of the ‘1st and 10 Podcast’. While discussing a multitude of topics, Machota made sure to add high praise for last year's first-round pick.

When asked about the offensive line, Machota spoke about Smith and his impact saying:

“Behind the scenes with him it’s so crazy they got him because he’s just off the charts. Honestly they got lucky I feel like getting Tyler Smith because he is going to be here a long time” he continued.

As an insider who has been covering the Dallas Cowboys since 2011, Machota is clued in to the ins and outs of this Dallas Cowboys franchise, and while these are his personal feelings, it’s not far-fetched to concluded this sentiment is shared widely with everybody in that building.

The team stuck to their convictions last draft even when some questioned the selection of Smith in round one. They trusted their board and it looks like they have added a cornerstone piece on the offensive line for years to come as a result.

Tyler Smith started all seventeen games last season where he played predominantly left tackle, but did spend time at left guard as well, and while his position isn’t solidified just yet heading into 2023, it’s abundantly clear that he will play a huge role in the success of this offensive line group for years to come.

Tyler Smith still has plenty of room to grow, but even as he heads into year two he is already turning heads and making his presence felt.

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