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Dallas Cowboys mailbag: Questions on Ronald Jones situation, Deuce Vaughn size and more

People have questions about the Cowboys, and we strive to provide the answers.

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Every week, we will be taking questions on Twitter and Facebook about Dallas Cowboys players and other questions surrounding the team. So let’s get right into it.

“After the Ronald Jones suspension, should the Cowboys cut him or does he make the final roster?

(Jossy Farries via Facebook & nycowboys68 via Threads)

Mike: Now he’s on the suspension list it makes sense for the Cowboys to keep hold of him. Ironically being on the suspended list adds an odd benefit. The rest of the running backs can prove themselves for the first two games. If the coaches feel they have enough in what they have, then they can let Jones go. Or if they feel uncertain with what they have, then waive a player and bring Jones back after Week 2 since we know exactly what and who he is as a runner.

Brandon: There’s a loophole in which the Cowboys can carry Ronald Jones before his suspension is over without accounting for the 53-man roster. When he is placed on the reserve/suspension list, the Cowboys don’t have to decide on him until Week 3 of the season. They can work their roster around like they did with Dennis Houston last year before Michael Gallup returned.

However, the setback due to injury doesn’t help him either. Jones could likely be out of Saturday’s game, leaving two more weeks to prove himself in the preseason. If the Cowboys feel like they already have quality backups in Malik Davis and Rico Dowdle, then Jones might not even make it to the end of his suspension with Dallas.

“First- Is Deuce (Vaughn) too small or brilliant recruiting?
Second- Is Mazi (Smith) a lock for the Giants?”

(@jjahearn via X)

Mike: Deuce Vaughn is certainly an outlier. But in scouting terms when you look at outliers you ask how it hindered their game in college. For Vaughn, his size never caused an issue. Most will say he’s either a gadget type player or only plays on runs to the outside. But believe it or not, Vaughn was very effective at running inside the tackles. With large linemen ahead of him, Vaughn is able to sneak behind them and practically disappears from defenders, and this becomes an asset. So his size actually becomes a positive in this respect. Speaking to both Bryan Broaddus and Isaiah Stanback, they both believe Vaughn is a class signing and have said how tricky and sneaky he is to tackle coming out of the backfield. What we want to see now is how he does when against other NFL defense’s.

As for Mazi Smith, he’s done a lot of things so far that’s been super impressive. The power and strength has been on full display, the technique with his hands and first step need work. But regardless of that, he needs to get some game experience under his belt. That experience he needs to get as soon as possible, which means he should start Week 1.

Brandon: Deuce Vaughn played exceptionally well at the college level and should translate to being a pro in the NFL. His size certainly contributed to his falling in the draft. Still, the Cowboys have never wavered in their true evaluation of the player and confidence in his contribution to this season.

As far as Mazi Smith being a lock for the New York Giants game, that goes without saying. He might not be the day one starter, as Johnathan Hankins was listed in front of him on the first unofficial depth chart, but that doesn’t mean things couldn’t change by the end of training camp. Owner Jerry Jones said he was excited to see Smith play in the preseason, and I think many people echo that feeling.

”I need some answers on the Dak-Diggs situation”

(Jarell Carter via Facebook)

Mike: This is football, is the best answer. Being on any team or in any locker room you quickly learn how to banter and talk trash to each other so that it almost becomes second nature. Most of the time when it’s happening to you, you don’t even notice it. The unfortunate part is there are a lot of media folk that ignore that aspect or don’t understand this and make it something more than what it is. Whether it’s practice or a game, these guys are competitive and are fired up, talk comes with the territory.

Brandon: It’s not a great answer, but there is no “situation” to discuss. If you look across other NFL training camps around the league, there could be multiple reports about two players going at it on a given day.

No one respects Dak Prescott more than his teammates. At the end of the day, it was two of the best players on the field being competitive, and fans should appreciate seeing that and the drive to make each other better.

Poll Of The Week: Finally on the Mailbag, we asked you which players have impressed the most so far at camp. Here are the results and our take on the poll.

Mike: The “LionBacker” has been everywhere in Oxnard so far. There have been entire chunks of practices where Parsons has been screaming into the backfield and tapping Dak which would signify a sack and the play would be over. Obviously the play continues for the purpose of the play, but if it didn’t we would be seeing a lot practice plays where the team are standing around, or walking back because Parsons has once again ended the play. Parsons is having a phenomenal camp, and it’s been getting to the quarterback he’s done the most.

Brandon: All three players have had a great start to camp, but there’s no doubt Micah Parsons is already in regular-season mode. There have been clips where he is borderline unblockable and beats everything the offensive line can throw at him.

There is no need to have Parsons play in the preseason, and he could use a few days off from practice as it gets closer to Week 1. Players like Sam Williams and Dante Fowler Jr. could benefit from extra reps, just getting other guys ready for the season. If Parsons sat out for the rest of camp, there should be no question he would be prepared for Week 1. That’s how good he’s looked.

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