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Blogging The Boys Roundtable: Questions we still have ahead of Week 2 of the preseason

Discussions about where the Cowboys sit at this point in the preseason.

The Dallas Cowboys officially have a preseason game under their belt. Thankfully there are still more opportunities of this kind for the group to figure out what works best in anticipation of the regular season. Full disclosure, the group has been figuring things out since they arrived at training camp almost a month ago, we are definitely learning as we go along here.

In an effort to continue exploring what questions we still have about the Cowboys we have gathered a crew of BTBers for another edition of the Blogging The Boys Roundtable that has gone live on our YouTube Channel (subscribe here) at the exact same time that this post did on the site.

This particular Tuesday night (we go live every Tuesday at 9pm ET) features L.P. Cruz, Danny Phantom, Tony Catalina and myself. If you find this before 10pm ET then you still have a chance to join us, if not you can always catch the re-watch or listen on the podcast side of things. Remember that Apple devices can subscribe here and Spotify users can subscribe here.

While there a variety of subjects on the docket there are a few things that we will absolutely be discussing, namely questions that we still have about the group.

Here are a few of the ones swirling around in my mind.

How real is the Deuce Vaughn hype for us?

It is not difficult to find optimism in Deuce Vaughn. The man has taken the NFL by storm (par for the course if you wear the star).

At this point you would be hard pressed to find somebody who legitimately doubts Vaughn. Consensus seems to believe that Vaughn is going to provide legitimate offensive help to the Cowboys, but in the interest of guarding our own emotions it must be said that we are still in the preseason.

The general point of that sentence is that we have been burned before. Shoot, even last year KaVontae Turpin looked like he would return one back to the house every week. Turpin never found the endzone last year, he was a legitimate contributor in terms of field position though, so there were a handful of people who likely were left disappointed.

Who will be the interior offensive line depth?

Zack Martin is back and we are ready to sing his song, but we still do not know who the interior depth on this team really are. That is definitely worth finding out.

On Tuesday, T.J. Bass see a few first-team snaps at left guard which is definitely exciting, but are we ready to roll the dice in that way across the whole of the regular season? Chuma Edoga thankfully appears to be on the right track and he had been ticketed as an option, but no one else is really stepping up as the obvious answer.

I’d challenge you to find the NFL team that feels total and complete safety with all 53 of their projected players so this is hardly a foreign thing, but it is a question nonetheless.

Is the national media starting to go to bat for the Cowboys?

My mind is doing its best to protect me from what has been inevitable Cowboys disappointment for the better part of three decades. We are all conditioned to feel fear above all else.

This offseason has been a bit different though in terms of national perception around the Cowboys. It has felt similar to 2020 when the Mike McCarthy shine was all over the team, but this year it has felt like there are a lot of rational opinions (plus your fair share of the irrational ones) surrounding the team and their potential.

The Cowboys have reached objective contender status and for the most part people who we trust believe that to be totally and completely fair.

What a world.

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