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Cowboys injury update: Rookie LB DeMarvion Overshown ruled out of Seahawks game with knee injury

An injury update on Dallas Cowboys LB DeMarvion Overshown.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things started off very promising for the Dallas Cowboys in their second preseason game of the year. After the Cowboys took the field to play defense for a second time it looked like they were going to get a great stop in Seattle Seahawks territory authored by rookie DeMarvion Overshown. So far through camp and the preseason, Overshown has shined so this felt rather par for the course.

Unfortunately Overshown was injured while making the play. The broadcast cut away from him initially and it was reported that he made it to the sideline under his own power. What’s more is that it was also reported that Overshown was carted to the locker room from the sideline where he was ruled out for the game with a knee injury.

For what it is worth, Nick Eatman said on the broadcast when he gave this update that Cowboys coaches mentioned that it is the preseason and therefore it will not take much for a player to be ruled out. Consider that an optimistic lining if you will, but it was said nonetheless.

The Cowboys have seen really solid play out of all of their linebackers so far and Overshown has been a big reason for that. Hopefully he will be well and this is nothing major.

Update: 10:50pm ET

Shortly after this post went live it was reported by the broadcast that Cowboys tackle Matt Waletzko was also ruled out for the game along with Overshown. Waletzko is dealing with a shoulder injury.

Given his history this certainly does not bode well for Waletzko. Hopefully he is alright soon.

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