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Cowboys wide receiver Michael Gallup still being named as a trade chip

While the Cowboys feel good about their wide receiver depth, it hasn’t stopped people from talking about Michael Gallup as a potential trade candidate.

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Last year the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver room looked rough at times. Outside of CeeDee Lamb, there wasn't anybody in the group that you could confidently point to and say that they were able to deeply impact a game. That is certainly not a problem anymore, and for the first time since the Amari Cooper trade, the Cowboys' offense can come into a season feeling good about the depth of their group with the addition of Brandin Cooks, and the development of second-year player Jalen Tolbert to go along with Lamb.

However, that hasn't stopped people from speculating that the Cowboys would be best served putting one of their weapons on the trading block this preseason.

Dallas Cowboys: Michael Gallup

After racking up nearly 2,500 yards and 13 touchdowns during his first three years in the league, the last two have been frustrating for Michael Gallup.

The 27-year-old has battled injuries and posted back-to-back seasons with career lows in receiving yards with 445 in 2021 and 424 in 2022.

The Dallas Cowboys had to bring in some reinforcements and that’s why they traded for Brandin Cooks during the offseason. That alone puts Gallup’s future with the team in doubt, and Patrik Walker of the team’s website noted that second-year wide receiver Jalen Tolbert has been emerging during training camp.

Since Dallas now has two other options to serve as a second or third target behind CeeDee Lamb, Gallup is even more expendable. His contract is also team friendly as he’s signed through 2026 but it also includes a potential out after this season, increasing his value on the market.

Gallup’s last two seasons have been less than what he produced early in his career, and the emergence of Tolbert is happening this preseason, but a move like this feels like a step backward for an offense looking to be more prolific in 2023. With a healthy Gallup in the fold, the Cowboys have one of the most formidable wide receiver groups in the league, and shaking that up may not be the best way to go about building a roster.

We have seen crazier things happen as far as NFL trades go, but as for this specific one, it’s probably safe to assume it is an idea that may never come to fruition.

Would you consider trading Michael Gallup for a decent draft pick, or even possibly an offensive lineman that could be trusted to play in case of injury?

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