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Cowboys roster: Brandon Aubrey compares favorably through preseason to a few notable names

Brandon Aubrey may be deserving of a bit more support.

NFL: Preseason-Jacksonville Jaguars at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hand up. I did not know.

It was March 15th of last year and I saw a tweet from one of Cowboys Twitter’s best in Skywalker Steele where he referenced not being able to see the forest for the trees. I had never seen that expression before.

We all have one of these things, right? Maybe there is a movie you have not seen (a buddy of mine is on me to finally see Pulp Fiction but I will punt that for another day) or a food you have not tried. Mine, that we will reference right now, was the forest for the trees and.

So as I understand this magical saying it is meant to convey the idea of not being able to see the big picture because you are so focused on the tiny little details. Whatever. It’s dumb. I don’t regret not knowing it anyway!

Presuming I am correct then I believe that we as a fanbase are not seeing the forest for the trees with regards to the Dallas Cowboys kicker position and its literally only primary occupant in Brandon Aubrey.

Boom. Landed the analogy.

Brandon Aubrey is kicking fairly well in the preseason compared to names that others have clamored for in the past

I’ll say now that I recognize this is going to sound like a straw man argument of sorts, but opening the door for conversation is never a bad thing.

Anywhere you look there seems to be discontent about the Cowboys kicking situation and Brandon Aubrey. Obviously Aubrey does not have literally any a lot of NFL experience and it is unfortunate that he did not get a chance at a field goal last Saturday night in Seattle, but he has been stable to this point and it sort of feels like people want to see change just to see change.

There are names people have thrown out like Robbie Gould and Mason Crosby who have fared well throughout the course of their NFL careers, but they are currently free agents and likely not wanting to board a plane for Frisco without the promise of some notable cash involved. But there are also names that we have pined for in the past.

Remember when everybody wanted Cade York a year ago? He has missed half of his six field goals so far this preseason with the Cleveland Browns.

Or how about just a few months ago when Jake Moody was all the rage? Did you know that he is three for five on field goal attempts so far and one for two on extra points?

What about someone like Michael Badgley? He’s been a name thrown out at times and had a poor day in practice on Tuesday with four misses.

Even our old friend Brett Maher, who’s end with the Cowboys really was unfortunate, has missed half of his four field goal attempts through preseason play. The overall idea here is that Brandon Aubrey is not kicking like somebody who does not deserve his place at the moment.

Saturday night will offer another opportunity for analysis and evaluation of Aubrey, but he has hardly given a real reason to be removed right now. So take a deep breath and try to see the forest for the trees.

Or something like that.

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