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Cowboys vs. Raiders: 3 things Dallas could do that would be impressive from a Las Vegas standpoint

Looking for ways that Dallas could impress on Saturday night.

NFL: Preseason-Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

There is no preseason like the preseason finale, baby.

At long last we have made it to the end of this tunnel and soon enough, just like Andy Dufresne, we will be on the other side tasting sweet freedom, or in this case sweet regular-season football.

The Dallas Cowboys are set to host the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday night in their last exhibition match of the year before things begin in total and complete realness with all eyes and attention focused on September 10th and the New York Giants.

Given that this is the final preseason game it is difficult to have legitimate expectations of the Cowboys. The team has acknowledged the preseason of it all and said earlier this week that Will Grier is expected to see a majority of the work at quarterback.

But with all of that being said, what are some things that Dallas could do that would impress us? More specifically, what are some things that Dallas could do that would impress those who know the other team best?

Bill Williamson of Silver and Black Pride was kind enough to give us three things that, if Dallas does them, would earn some kudos from him.


The Raiders’ are preseason gods under Josh McDaniels. They are 6-0 since he became the head coach last year and their six-game winning streak is currently the longest in the NFL. Las Vegas has outscored the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams by a combined score of 68-24 this preseason. McDaniels, who is 17-28 as a head coach in the regular season, thinks winning in the preseason sets the tone to success in the regular season. So, the Raiders, who favored Saturday, will be trying to win. So, a Cowboys’ win would be earned.

Make Aidan O’Connell uncomfortable:

The rookie quarterback has been outstanding and his metrics sit atop all quarterbacks this summer. The fourth-round pick from Purdue isn’t just putting together nice August stats, but he looks the part. He is poised and looks comfortable. If the Cowboys can rattle O’Connell it will be a win. No one yet has in the NFL.

Offensive line play:

The Raiders’ defensive line has gotten a lot of push in the pass-rush game and has performed well against the run in both games and joint practices against the 49ers and the Rams. So, if the Cowboys’ offensive line can held up, it will be a big positive.

Obviously the Baltimore Ravens lost on Monday night which picked up a lot of attention given their preseason streak, but who knew that the Raiders had the now-longest one as a result? And who knew they were undefeated in the preseason under Josh McDaniels?!

This insight was very cool and definitely gives us a few things to focus on throughout Saturday night’s game. A huge thank you to Bill, and please make sure to visit Silver and Black Pride for all of your Las Vegas Raiders needs!

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