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Cowboys vs. Raiders stock report: 10 stock ups note Will Grier, Hunter Luepke and more

Our stock report following Saturday’s preseason finale for the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL: Preseason-Las Vegas Raiders at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys played their final preseason game of the year on Saturday night and it felt like the proper send off for the team into the regular season. Matters were made more interesting on Friday night when the organization traded for quarterback Trey Lance. With the timing of everything Lance obviously did not play, but Will Grier did knowing that it was in vain with regards to making this specific roster, but still a showcase for other teams.

Grier played admirably and is a definite part of our stock up accolades. In fact he leads it.

All told Saturday night was a pretty positive night for the Cowboys and as a result we have 10 total stock ups. No stock downs, cheers to that.


Stock Up: Will Grier

Will Grier was dealt a difficult hand on Saturday night when the Trey Lance trade happened. The NFL is obviously a business and the Cowboys did what they felt was in the best interest of their team. But it had to have been difficult for Grier to take and what’s more to play an entire preseason game 24 hours later.

If it was hard in any way, he sure did not let it show.

Grier was exceptional on Saturday night and likely played his way onto an NFL roster somewhere (ideally not with a team we dislike). He truly played like someone looking to leave it all on the field, that is the kind of thing that always hits home with football fans.

Cheers to Will Grier. Thank you for giving everything you had. Best of luck!

Stock Up: Hunter Luepke

To date we had not really seen a ton of Hunter Luepke in the preseason, but goodness gracious did that change on Saturday night. Luepke crossed 100 total yards from scrimmage in the third quarter and showed a level of potential contribution in both the run and pass game. He is a weapon this team can use.

It is going to be very difficult for the Cowboys to limit their choices in the backfield, but how do you leave Luepke off? He is a short-yardage wonder and has plenty to offer beyond that.

Stock Up: Dak Prescott the offensive coordinator

It should be mentioned that this was obviously Week 3 of the preseason and therefore there are some lower-caliber players who were all over the field, but the Cowboys offense was humming all night long.

Shortly before kickoff it was reported that quarterback Dak Prescott would be calling the team’s plays on offense and he did an incredible job to say the least (again, factoring context). There were no punts for the Cowboys offense and what’s more is they looked efficient all night long. It is clear that Prescott has a very legitimate understanding of what works on offense.

Stock Up: Devin Harper

Early in the game Harper flew through to make a critical third down stop. This is a team that lost DeMarvion Overshown a week ago and is in need of linebacker depth for moments just like that. It is good to see it happening.

Stock Up: Mazi Smith

Last week was a tough one for Mazi Smith and while the quality of competition should be mentioned always when talking about this game, he was a force and easily showed his presence.

It is way too early to panic on Smith and Saturday night was partly proof of why. Patience is necessary in many instances in the NFL. Kudos to the first-rounder on a solid night’s work.

Stock Up: Simi Fehoko

This felt like the most positive night for Simi Fehoko throughout the preseason. We know that the Cowboys are set with their top five receivers so whether or not Fehoko did enough to outlast rookie Jalen Brooks remains to be seen. But if this was his final moment with the Cowboys it was a solid one.

Stock Up: Luke Schoonmaker

Look at Luke Schoonmaker finding the endzone!

The Schoonmaker pick has never really (over just a few months to be clear) been a popular one among people, but Saturday night provided a glimpse at what the Cowboys will hopefully have at tight end in the future.

Stock Up: Malik Davis

We mentioned earlier that is is going to be very difficult to figure out which running backs make this roster and that is because they all have legitimate merit. That list includes Malik Davis.

Davis ran hard against the Raiders and now it is really just a matter of what the Cowboys feel like they need the most and where they want to go long. He deserves an NFL roster spot, whether or not that winds up being in Dallas remains to be seen.

Stock Up: Jabril Cox

As noted with Devin Harper, it is good to see linebacker depth appearing a bit. Stock has been enormously high on Jabril Cox in the past, and while we are hardly there in the here and now, he did flash on Saturday night.

The Cowboys are going to need someone to step up in that room and Cox provided hope that it could be him. Stock up for that.

Static Stock: Brandon Aubrey

Initially I had this labeled as a static stock because missing a 59-yard field goal is not the biggest deal in my mind, not to mention that Aubrey had a great game from an extra point standpoint. But then he made a 59-yard field goal! While I doubt that anybody feels great, Saturday was at least proof of concept on the idea of him being an NFL kicker.

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