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Cowboys training camp: Stephon Gilmore has high praise for Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs

In a recent interview, Stephon Gilmore commented on some of his new Cowboys teammates.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys were off on Wednesday, a much-deserved break after practicing in pads back-to-back days to start the week. While there was no technical practice, there was still some light action that took place and then the standard run of interviews for various members of the team. I have been in Oxnard all week with my friends from San Antonio Sports Star and on Wednesday we were fortunate to have cornerback Stephon Gilmore join in for a chat.

Gilmore was pretty reserved, as is his personality, but opened up a bit as the conversation went on. He spoke about how he is a big tennis fan (he said his children play and it’s a family thing now) and even went to Wimbledon this year. He also noted that Calvin Johnson is the best receiver he has ever faced, that’s hardly a surprise.

But Gilmore talked a lot about his current team, and more specifically his current teammates. It should come as no surprise that Gilmore spoke glowingly of Micah Parsons and even referred to Parsons as something he has never seen before.

Man, I never seen nothing like it before. You know, he’s special, you know, he just have that thing you can’t teach. He’s fast, strong and one thing that stick out with him is he has a motor, you know, that he never gets tired. He’s... he’s, he’s a special player and I’m super excited to play with him because I know... those quarterbacks gonna be running for their lives.

Nobody needs to be told that Micah Parsons is special but it is certainly impressive to hear somebody of Gilmore’s stature speak like this. Respect is earned, as they say.

A fun storyline since Gilmore’s arrival has been the status of the cornerback group overall and determining which of the two, between he and Trevon Diggs, is the better player. Gilmore obviously declined to vote in that contest, but he did speak glowingly of the most recently-paid member of the team.

He’s a great player. I mean, he’s, obviously we all know he got great ball skills. He can cover anybody, you know, fast, quick, you know, tall. I think, just, I just try to teach him about, how to study the game, how to prepare for the game, what to do in certain situations. And, you know, he’s a great talent. I think he can be the best in the league, you know, if he, if he go out and, really take the game serious each and every week and learn how to reset. He has all the potential in the world.

Something we have talked about has been that Gilmore provides more than just the presence of an incredibly good player. Gilmore has climbed the tallest mountains that the world of the NFL offers, and the level of influence that he can have on the defense and with his teammates, specifically someone at his position like Trevon Diggs, is significant. Hopefully he helps Diggs fully ascend to the top of the position in today’s game.

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