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5 thoughts revolving around Zack Martin’s holdout from Cowboys camp

Possible ripple effects from Zack Martin’s current holdout.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Much to the dismay of many, Zack Martin has decided to use what leverage he has in order to hopefully have his current contract reworked so that his pay coincides with the other top players at his position. Currently he is the ninth-highest paid offensive guard in the league, despite being arguably the best player his position and one of the best overall offensive lineman in the entire NFL.

Love it or hate it, Zack Martin is using the only leverage he has by deciding to stay away from training camp. In so doing, his absence causes quite a few ripple effects though. You may or may not have thought too much about the subject at hand, but you can be sure the Dallas Cowboys have. Because of that, we decided to share a few thoughts of our own about all of this today.

Stand firm or give in?

Who will be the first to blink, Zack Martin or the Dallas Cowboys? The Cowboys found themselves in a similar situation back in 2022 when then 31-year-old Larry Allen was wanting a pay raise despite having two years remaining on his contract. Dallas ended up making him the highest paid OL with a six-year, $37 million deal. Will they do the same for Martin?

Blessing in disguise?

Due to Zack Martin’s absence from training camp, the Dallas Cowboys younger and mostly unproven players behind him have the opportunity to prove themselves in the eyes of coaching staff. The practice reps they are currently receiving could prove to be invaluable for both the present and the future of Dallas’ offensive line. Even with No. 70 in the mix, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the OL for the 2023 season and beyond.

2023 Tyler Biadasz’ and Terence Steele’s last in Dallas?

Zack Martin’s holdout shines little more light on the future of Dallas’ offensive line. With both Tyler Biadasz and Terence Steele in the final year of their contract, and with Tyron Smith likely in his last with the Cowboys, three fifths of the offensive line may need to be replaced after the 2023 season. A contract extension for one or both of Biadasz and Steele would be ideal, but unfortunately there may be other players higher on the list who need to be paid first.

Jourdan Lewis salary-cap casualty?

Zack Martin’s holdout may or may not have anything to do with Jourdan Lewis’ current standing with the Cowboys. However, if they are looking for some money to pay Martin, the veteran CB is the most likely choice. After the Stephon Gilmore trade, the emergence of DaRon Bland, and the promising young CBs on the roster, Lewis’ veteran experience may not be enough to keep him around.

Team friendly contract extension for Dak?

“Pay the man”, is Dak Prescott’s opinion on Zack Martin’s holdout. That, of course, is easier said than done considering his own high-priced contract and the extension that is soon to come is one reason for the Cowboys hesitancy to pay No. 70 his worth. It’s easy to say “pay the man” when you’re not the one cashing the checks. What will he say when his reps start negotiating his extension? Will he accept a team-friendly deal to help his teammates?

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