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Cowboys need to sign a veteran kicker as both Brandon Aubrey and Tristan Vizcaino falter

Training camp is already exposing the Cowboys weakness at kicker. Brandon Aubrey and Tristan Vizcaino do not look up to the task.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

When team owner Jerry Jones made it public that the team was moving on from kicker Brett Maher, it was met with mixed reactions among fans. Some fans felt like it was the right decision after Maher’s historically bad performance in the playoffs. Missing four extra point attempts had never been done in an NFL game up to that point. Some fans felt like it was a knee-jerk reaction, feeling as though Maher had proved reliable throughout the regular season. Regardless, many Cowboys fans went into camp feeling doubtful about the current kickers on the roster.

Kickers Tristan Vizcaino and Brandon Aubrey have only added fuel to the doubters throughout training camp. They have been inconsistent throughout most of camp, and their worst day came on Saturday.

The kicker situation in Dallas is particularly frustrating because of the veteran kickers who are still free agents. Veterans Mason Crosby, Ryan Succop, and Robbie Gould are all currently available on the market. With all three of these kickers being over the age of 35, they would not be a great long-term solution at the position. However, in a season where the Cowboys have such a talented roster, and the NFC conference feeling wide open, it is essential that the team has a reliable kicker. It is hard to believe that none of these veteran options could perform better than Vizcaino and Aubrey.

Regardless of how fans feel about the Maher decision, there is no way to change it. Maher signed with the Denver Broncos in July, taking him off the market for a return to Dallas. Despite this, there is still opportunity for the Cowboys to shore up their kicking position. It is essential the Cowboys decide to bring in one of these veterans for a workout soon, before they are taken off the market from a team who also is experiencing kicker woes in camp.

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