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Trolling the Nation for Cowboys at Giants: ‘Is it still raining, or is that Giants fan tears??’

Read what NFL fans across the league said while they watched the Cowboys knock out the Giants.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Season opening wins don’t come along that often, unless you’re playing the Giants! And season opening shutouts don’t come along that often, unless you’re playing the Giants! And season opening blowouts don’t come along that often, unless you’re playing the Giants!

So today we celebrate by taking a leisurely stroll through the comments of football fans across the SB Nation network as they were watching the Dallas Cowboys clobber the New York Giants 40-0.

There are more comments than usual in today’s post, as befits a Sunday Night TTN, partly because the whole nation was watching.

So sit back and enjoy!

Disclaimer: All quotes below are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Giants Been a long wait. We ride at Dusk. All I can hope for is that they come out swinging and show they belong on the national stage. 20-0 until we’re not.
roar13 | 18:48 EDT
Giants My stomach is in knots. It's already been a crazy day of NFL football. You gotta love week 1.
lovemygmen | 18:53 EDT
Giants Dear Zeus… it’s me again. Please don’t let our offensive line get abused.
roar13 | 19:18 EDT
Giants It's time to put this league on notice!!!! I feel a Danny statement game coming in 5....4....3....2....1
BigBlueBallaz | 20:04 EDT
Giants It would be really fun if the Giants announce themselves as a legit threat in the division this year by smacking Dallas in the mouth in Week 1.
ClutchPass | 20:08 EDT
Steelers I nominate Daniel Jones as the most overpaid player in the NFL. Let's see if he backs me up tonight.
oldiowasteel | 20:15 EDT
Giants Nobody is talking about us ... they will be tomorrow tho!
AL_Joe.NY | 20:25 EDT
Giants Parsons is a demon
LegionofBlue14 | 20:27 EDT
Giants Holy crap... Is it me or is our offense simply DICTATING to Dallas here?
ClutchPass | 20:28 EDT
Giants Jones is killing them
EvergladesUgly | 20:29 EDT
Giants Ok time to get past one of the final bosses: red zone offense.
selftitled85 | 20:30 EDT
Giants Good run Jones.....
phatdaddy44 | 20:32 EDT
Giants Jones is running for his life. These aren’t planned runs.
Moon Bars | 20:33 EDT
(8:14) NYG field goal is BLOCKED, RECOVERED by DAL, N.Igbinoghene for 58 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 6 - NYG 0
Giants What a disaster
Brady's Bane | 20:34 EDT
Giants UNREAL!!
sexyscottish | 20:34 EDT
Giants And then OMG. A 10 point swing. Inexcusable
Treeamigo | 20:34 EDT
Giants And what a bizarre momentum shift there. Bad luck, but whatevs. We just have to come right back.
ClutchPass | 20:35 EDT
Giants Nothing freaking changes with team. Goodnight!
Moon Bars | 20:35 EDT
Jets Daniel Jones took like four hits already. He’ll never stay healthy doing what he does.
razmataaz | 20:35 EDT
Eagles Play the wah wah trombones
MustbeaVulcan | 20:35 EDT
Giants At least we’re keeping Dak off the field
Rocketsci1 | 20:36 EDT
Giants We still gonna punish these clowns
BigBlueBallaz | 20:36 EDT
Giants At least their defense will have to come right back out onto the field so we can keep tiring them out.
sexyscottish | 20:36 EDT
Giants The 6pts off this drive will be something you look back on in the 4qtr when you are chasing points
LegionofBlue14 | 20:36 EDT
(7:54) (Shotgun) D.Jones sacked at NYG 15 for -10 yards (M.Parsons)
Giants My goodness this blocking SUCKS right now.
Do0msday | 20:39 EDT
NYG punts
Giants Dallas defense has insane speed. This looks exactly like last year game one.
roar13 | 20:40 EDT
Giants Giants are starting to look overmatched.
Wayward_Son | 20:40 EDT
Giants Pass blocking on a scale 0-10: -2
Sheldor6086 | 20:40 EDT
Giants OMG Micah is becoming LTish.
dg27 | 20:40 EDT
Eagles Dak does not scare me. The Cowboys defense does.
kabphillie | 20:40 EDT
Giants The projected starting oline plays full qtrs next preseason.
LegionofBlue14 | 20:41 EDT
Eagles Giants drive brilliantly all the way down the field and finish the drive with a Dallas Cowboys TD. Sad.
kknight5282 | 20:41 EDT
Eagles Parsons is a beast
Joey0210 | 20:41 EDT
Giants Best dline in the NFL, it's going to be tough but our Oline will get better as the season progresses.
EdwardMonix | 20:42 EDT
Jets I’m worried about Rodgers against Parsons with this oline. The Giants have a much better OL than we do.
joeb10361877 | 20:42 EDT
49ers Very early prediction but I think it’s between us and Dallas for the No. 1 seed.
ninersSB6 | 20:42 EDT
49ers I've been higher on Dallas the last two years than most. I expect to see them in the NFCCG and not Philly.
bignerd | 20:42 EDT
Giants Parsons just whisked that double team off to the side like they didn't exist.
danielhart64 | 20:43 EDT
Giants Settle down Giant faithul...the game is 60 minutes
BluSwarm | 20:43 EDT
Giants I hate the Cowboys so much, I’m seethin!
RussellStringerBell | 20:44 EDT
Giants We do not look good at all
Giantstep | 20:45 EDT
Giants Game is going to be over by the end of the quarter. This team isn’t even close to Dallas.
roar13 | 20:45 EDT
Giants The Eagles are going to massacre us again.
LegionofBlue14 | 20:46 EDT
Giants Wow, it feels like they have us on the ropes.
ClutchPass | 20:48 EDT
Giants If only we could play Washington 16 times a year.....
sexyscottish | 20:48 EDT
Giants This game is far from over.
Metalgarn | 20:48 EDT
Jets Micah Parsons is the best defensive player in football IMO
J-Cubed | 20:49 EDT
(3:24) B.Aubrey 21 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 9 - NYG 0
Giants Look, as bad as we look, it's just 9 points and Eagles looked very beatable today against NE.
Giantstep | 20:50 EDT
Giants Who isn't blocking Parsons this series?
Fran10 | 20:50 EDT
Jets Leaving CeeDee uncovered is a bold strategy
NYJ1127 | 20:50 EDT
(3:21) D.Jones sacked at NYG 16 for -9 yards (D.Lawrence).
Giants Line is atrocious right now.
Trey1254 | 20:53 EDT
Giants The Dallas D-line is special. That much is obvious.
NorCalBlue | 20:54 EDT
Giants They're running right past the blockers...
hp b | 20:54 EDT
Steelers Week 1 doesn’t count. Except that it does.
FearTheBeard5559 | 20:54 EDT
Giants Dallas D Line is just absurd.
ToadLicker | 20:55 EDT
Giants We waited all year for this.
Do0msday | 20:55 EDT "
(2:30) D.Jones INTERCEPTED by D.Bland, D.Bland for 22 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 16 - NYG 0
Giants This is a nightmarish start.
LegionofBlue14 | 20:55 EDT
Giants LOL!!
shankapotamus | 20:55 EDT
Giants Of course I am playing against the Dallas D in fantasy.
selftitled85 | 20:55 EDT
Eagles Giants are pretenders, story at 11.
DarkSide830 | 20:55 EDT
Giants Can we possibly play any worse??
Dahema | 20:56 EDT
Sadly. I think the answer is yes.
Ughagain | 20:56 EDT
Giants This is really not what I expected. I thought we were gonna blow Dallas out. Real talk
AL_Joe.NY | 20:56 EDT
Bills Yeah. See? That’s why I was worried the G-men couldn’t make this game interesting.
podunkowego | 20:56 EDT
Team with no name Gonna be a much uglier opener for the NYG than it was for Wash... by alot.
BillyBigBeer | 20:56 EDT
Giants Who is coming out in the draft. Let’s start the mocks.
Moon Bars | 20:57 EDT
Giants Still plenty of time left for us to give up more points
Giantknickmets | 20:58 EDT
49ers I hate the Cowboys, but it's hard not to laugh at the Giants.
marktastic86 | 20:58 EDT
Giants Wow. All off season to become the 2021 or 2020 team again?
paulnewton | 20:59 EDT
Giants This team is playing so bad. I hope they didn't go on some sort of boat trip before this game.
Do0msday | 20:59 EDT
Giants We may have to restart all over again. This game is showing us we aren't prepared and we have a MASSIVE talent deficit
jerseynetz | 20:59 EDT
According to BBV we are clearly better than the Cowboys in terms of talent on offense and defense. And especially coaching.
Treeamigo | 21:10 EDT
Giants We score on this drive, and I’ll have hope.
MrBenks | 21:00 EDT
NYG punts
Giants This better be some diabolical plan lure the Cowboys into being overconfident, then come back at the end...
Scepter | 21:21 EDT
Giants 3rd and 2, a designed QB sweep? Seriously?
Fran10 | 21:21 EDT
Giants It’s not even 9pm in week 1 and we’re running designed qb runs on 3rd and short because we can’t block????
Bkrol4 | 21:21 EDT
Giants Our defense might still be good, haven't really seen them much yet
Giantknickmets | 21:02 EDT
There's the jinx
LegionofBlue14 | 21:02 EDT
Giants Hope Jones has a good life insurance policy behind that pop Warner line
Tea With Miss McGill | 21:02 EDT
Giants Never saw this coming. Still early. But never saw this coming
AL_Joe.NY | 21:04 EDT
Giants This looks inept, like Joe Judge-Dave Gettleman level inept.
Wayward_Son | 21:05 EDT

Second Quarter
Giants Are we typically low on fan attendance in MetLife? Never been to a live game before but it seems like Dallas got some serious presence
RussellStringerBell | 21:06 EDT
Giants Everyone needs to relax, it's early. Let's see if the coaching can out coach McCarthy
Ravenfire | 21:06 EDT
Giants I'm so tired of the Cowboys making us look like a High School Team
Doctor Al | 21:06 EDT
Giants I cannot stand defenders hitting someone and then boasting and celebrating. You let up a first down. You look like a damn clown.
Do0msday | 21:09 EDT
Giants WTH is Hawkins celebrating? They got a first down
jerseynetz | 21:10 EDT
(11:00) B.Aubrey 38 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 19 - NYG 0
Giants Anyone else tired of opening with the Cowboys?
Brady's Bane | 21:12 EDT
Giants No panic...give them 3, score a td and we're right back in it
BigBlueBallaz | 21:12 EDT
Giants Damn he can kick
Giantknickmets | 21:12 EDT
Giants Will Jones get one clean pocket the entire game?
Gintdiehard | 21:14 EDT
Giants Every year, on national TV, we get embarrassed by the Cowboys. Twice.
Daitong | 21:15 EDT
(10:55) D.Jones INTERCEPTED by S.Gilmore
Giants Even in my nightmares, it wasn’t this freking bad
Ughagain | 21:17 EDT
Giants You’ve got to be kidding me
DeacNJ1 | 21:17 EDT
Giants LOL a TD!??! Yall are absolutely crazy
jerseynetz | 21:17 EDT
Giants Annnnnd there it is..
hp b | 21:17 EDT
Giants Ok back to doing my laundry...
Scepter | 21:17 EDT
Giants This team is a joke
TraumaHawk94 | 21:17 EDT
Jets Danny Dimes might get into positive posting yards before halftime... maybe
Rampantjet22 | 21:17 EDT
Giants We could have had Micah Parsons...I'd take him anyday over Darren Waller and Aaron Robinson
TraumaHawk94 | 21:19 EDT
That Brandin Cooks trade was beautiful no gonna lie.
Begiant | 21:19 EDT
And the Gilmore trade….
ToadLicker | 21:20 EDT
Bills Giants and their overpaid QB stink. Daboll going from coach of the year to the toilet bowl.
BuffaloBS2022 | 21:19 EDT
Giants Dallas' D has been so opportunistic tonight. They're playing lights out, making every big play they can. It's crazy.
ClutchPass | 21:20 EDT
They’re the best D in football
ToadLicker | 21:20 EDT
Giants Good night everyone!! I'll be in to dump on the team tomorrow smfh they are trash trash trash
BigBlueBallaz | 21:22 EDT
Steelers We weren’t this bad
Yinzer. | 21:22 EDT
Steelers At this point in our game we had -3 yards of offense and 3 punts.
Toronto Steeler Fan | 21:22 EDT
Steelers We were only down by 20 though
Yinzer. | 21:24 EDT
(8:07) T.Pollard right end for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 26 - NYG 0
Giants I think I’m gonna move to South America and herd Llamas. Somewhere without TV reception or internet connections. Get back to the land, you know?
Century Milstead | 21:23 EDT
Giants There is no way you can argue anything but McCarthy 100% outcoaching the Giants. This was literally what he said he was going to do when he fired Kellen Moore. He said he was going to do exactly this.
Begiant | 21:23 EDT
Giants I couldn’t have dreamed up a worse start to the season. Utterly disgusting.
DeacNJ1 | 21:23 EDT
Eagles Giants on pace for -57 net yards passing . I hate when Cowboys have any measure of success, but this is just too funny.
fareastfan | 21:24 EDT
Giants Thibideux and Neal are both busts. Maybe our GM isn’t so smart after all. These are 5th and 7th overall picks respectively. And they are both undeserving of even a second day pick.
Moon Bars | 21:25 EDT
Giants I get that everyone is due for an ass whoopin every once in a while, but damn, first game of the season?
Ascherr82 | 21:25 EDT
Chiefs Dallas defense is really good. If Dak get his things together they might be better than Philly this season
Mcmanam | 21:25 EDT
Eagles I hope that the Giants are just that bad, if not, that Dallas defense looks scary good. Parsons in beast mode already.
Nectir | 21:25 EDT
Giants Not even with Ben Mcadoo and Pat Shurmur did I see this clown show.
DarkSideBlue | 21:26 EDT
Giants They have to get the ball out in 1.5 seconds
Fran10 | 21:28 EDT
Giants So they putting in the backups already no wonder we moving the ball
Giantstep | 21:29 EDT
Giants Cowboys are already resting starters lol
Polsdofer | 21:29 EDT
Giants Say what u want about the OL. But Jones is rattled and looks horrible
ToadLicker | 21:30 EDT
Lol. For running for his life. There are 2-3 pass rushers in his face before he can plant his foot on drop back
Ughagain | 21:30 EDT
Giants Every single dropback is a pressure situation.
Fran10 | 21:31 EDT
The Communards Look like Dallas may be good this year…Giants DL is pretty good
WashNDUNC | 21:31 EDT
Giants Remember....we turned our back on a HOF QB and not only wasted the SIXTH pick in the draft on this freaking bum but we gave him 40 million because of his "best season" of 15 TD passes in 16 games.
sexyscottish | 21:32 EDT
Giants I know it's against the law to criticize Jones but maybe, just maybe, it would have been a good idea to get a QB you could describe with better than "Probably okay, I guess".
Bellomy150 | 21:32 EDT
Giants Getting laughed out of our own building. Again.
Danny Dimes | 21:33 EDT
Giants They are preparing the participation trophies for the Giants players for after the game.
Moon Bars | 21:34 EDT
Giants Did the cowboys really just pull Parsons to rest him towards the half -- against these Giants?! LOL ugh...this is laughable
NYJG | 21:34 EDT
Two Minute Warning
Giants After all the "improvements" This offense actually looks worse than it did last year.
Doctor Al | 21:36 EDT
Giants Commercials are better than the game, so there's that.
BubbaSatori | 21:36 EDT
Giants I hope the NFL really starts to investigate why they put a crime show on prime time TV.
GiantBeing | 21:37 EDT
(2:00) D.Jones sacked at DAL 19 for -5 yards (D.Armstrong).
Giants Evan Neal just got manhandled by *checks notes* DORANCE ARMSTRONG??
TraumaHawk94 | 21:38 EDT
Giants Armstrong has beat both tackles. He is a backup
footballbizzybody1 | 21:38 EDT
Giants Least we'll get 3
AL_Joe.NY | 21:40 EDT
(1:10) NYG field goal is No Good
Giants Honestly, just invoke the mercy rule and cancel the game
TraumaHawk94 | 21:41 EDT
Giants Okay, I yield, we aren't winning this game.
Metalgarn | 21:41 EDT
Giants Brian Daboll might have an aneurysm before this game ends.
Century Milstead | 21:42 EDT
Might be a group event
Blues | 21:42 EDT
Jets Giants look like dog excrement.
Huge Jets Fan | 21:42 EDT
Giants The Eagles are gonna look past us. To like, three seasons from now…
Realist-Optimist | 21:43 EDT
Giants Jones is getting pressured nearly 70% of dropbacks....why is it so hard for us to find offensive lineman whereas the Cowboys get all pro after all pro.....ugh
Ravenfire | 21:44 EDT
The Commodores Our O-line will not hold up to Dallas' front 7
FanInKY | 21:46 EDT
DAL punts
Giants DJ a 12.2 rating. That has to be an NFL record
Doctor Al | 21:47 EDT
Giants Finally forced a punt
GiantIrishFB | 21:47 EDT
Giants Team just looks so slow compared to Dallas.
Fran10 | 21:47 EDT
Jets Merciless boos incoming for big blue
Perpetual.Disappointment | 21:48 EDT
Giants The Cowboys know the Giants are a soft and mentally weak team and the Giants know it too.
Begiant | 21:50 EDT
Giants Maybe I’ll take up needlepoint. I’ve always admired needlepoint.
Century Milstead | 21:50 EDT
Giants Even with blocking Jones is terrible.
sexyscottish | 21:51 EDT
(:37) (Shotgun) D.Jones sacked at NYG 22 for -7 yards (O.Odighizuwa)
Giants That sack is on Jones. Get rid of the ball bro
Begiant | 21:52 EDT
Giants 0 completions to a WR. $40 million well spent
GiantIrishFB | 21:52 EDT
Giants Boos are raining down from the stands
shankapotamus | 21:52 EDT
End Of Half
Giants That commercial just told me that 80% of NFL players choose the Sleep Number bed. The other 20% must play for the Giants.
rocketcoe | 21:53 EDT
Giants The Jones defenders are really out in full force. It’s apparently everyone else’s fault but his. Blame the janitors while you’re at it.
Griddy313 | 21:58 EDT
Did you see the bathrooms?! Talk about an offense
Knightof11 | 22:00 EDT
JerryReesesPieces | 22:00 EDT
Giants In the OL’s defense, not everyone likes touching other men who are running at them.
rocketcoe | 22:22 EDT
Giants The Cowboys have an UDFA at RT who is wildly outplaying our top 10 pick at RT.
blusky4days | 22:22 EDT
Giants Who knew our week 2 game vs the lowly Cardinals would be the "tank for Caleb" game??
sexyscottish | 22:03 EDT
Giants I like the Giants’ commitment to the old 16-game season, but the fans thought this was Week 1.
rocketcoe | 22:03 EDT
Giants It is all made worse by the number of Cowboy fans. Season ticket holders should be ashamed
JurisDoctor81 | 22:05 EDT
The Commandos Soooo glad we don't see Dallas until Thanksgiving.
gusbus9000 | 22:06 EDT

Third Quarter
Giants For the sake of consistency, let’s give up an 80-yard TD drive here.
rocketcoe | 22:07 EDT
Giants Look at what a good O-line does
JudgeIsMyFavoriteOgre | 22:08 EDT
Pollard untouched for 20 yards. That play looked like a scrimmage play.
blusky4days | 22:09 EDT
It was so well blocked
JudgeIsMyFavoriteOgre | 22:09 EDT
Giants @Ed, don’t even write an article about this game tomorrow. Take the day off, fans will be here commenting anyway. You can’t write anything that’ll truly sum up WTF happened.
Deliguy | 22:11 EDT
Jets Recovered that too, lol. Boy, Miami and the Cowboys are going to be trouble for us.
razmataaz | 22:11 EDT
Giants There were people here who were convinced that Jones>>>>Dak
BrooklynBlue | 22:12 EDT
Giants Cowboys O-line moves like elephants, our O-line are hamsters.
LegionofBlue14 | 22:12 EDT
(10:05) T.Pollard right end for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 33 - NYG 0
Giants Way to come out and play for pride.
DeacNJ1 | 22:12 EDT
Giants Absolutely dominated
IronGiant18 | 22:12 EDT
Giants I actually convinced myself we were going to win this game. I legitimately believed that.
Century Milstead | 22:13 EDT
Steelers Biadasz is a free agent at the end of this year. He will only be 26 years old. And the Steelers should absolutely target him.
Steel34Defense | 22:13 EDT
Eagles The NY Giants should just burn the film of this game after it's over.
A Graham Short | 22:13 EDT
Giants Defense is putting the Cowboys kicker under a lot of pressure making him kick all this XPs. This will wear him out of the course of the season.
Chess not checkers.
rocketcoe | 22:14 EDT
Giants Maybe the Cowboys are just the best team in the league
Giantknickmets | 22:14 EDT
Giants Thibs can't even hold the shoe of Parsons.
Giantstep | 22:16 EDT
(7:32) D.Jones sacked at NYG 33 for -4 yards (O.Odighizuwa).
Giants Oline has quit
shankapotamus | 22:20 EDT
Giants Pull Jones
JudgeIsMyFavoriteOgre | 22:20 EDT
Giants Daniel Jones is an offbrand version of Eli Manning.
Darksealer14 | 22:20 EDT
(6:09) D.Jones sacked at NYG 32 for -3 yards (D.Armstrong).
Saints How may times are they going to sack Jones?
DamnSkippy70816 | 22:20 EDT
Eagles Daniel Jones had 7 completions. He’s been sacked 6 times
JasonB | 22:20 EDT
He's passed for 50 and only lost 38 on sacks, so net positive! #DesperateSilverLinings
Varjak76 | 22:25 EDT
Giants 6sacka!!!!! 6!!!!!!!!! With 25 min to go
costanza! | 22:21 EDT
Jets Please football gods, don't let us embarrass ourselves on national TV tomorrow night like this.
JoCaT33 | 22:21 EDT
NYG punt
Giants I'm hoping the Cowboys put their 2nd team in soon so this looks competitive for the last few minutes at least.
Giantswin5th | 22:26 EDT
Giants Just wanna see if we're gonna score ... this is sad
AL_Joe.NY | 22:27 EDT
Jets Hopefully Dallas after this beat down will relax this week. Think they’re UberGood for next weeks matchup.
razmataaz | 22:27 EDT
Giants Week 1 - where the optimism of summer goes to die.
icyhand2000 | 22:28 EDT
Giants Tanking is not out of the question
jerseynetz | 22:28 EDT
Giants I'm giving away my new 95 inch flatscreen. Only has 33 points and six sacks on it. Few pixels are out due to errant beer bottles.
Gridiron Hero | 22:29 EDT
Giants Evan Neal is off to a slow start like the Hindenburg got off to a slow start.
atl23 | 22:31 EDT
Giants Give McCarthy credit. One, his team was super prepared, and two, he is handling this domination with class. Imagine Sirianna’s chest bumps and faces to the cameras.
Coolbreeze4053 | 22:31 EDT
Giants Well guys, it was a lot of fun pretending with you the last few months. We all knew it had to get real eventually.
GiantsFirst | 22:32 EDT
Jets If the Dallas oline is this good all year then the Cowboys are gonna look really good
IMissFatRex | 22:32 EDT
Jets Would it be insulting to stick Trey Lance in now?
Afterburners | 22:33 EDT
Giants Dallas totally, utterly DOMINATED the trenches.....AGAIN!
BlueBucky | 22:34 EDT
Giants Make it 40-0 so it really stings.
Doctor Al | 22:34 EDT
DAL punts
Giants Why is he designing runs for the $40MM QB right now. Unbelievable.
dg27 | 22:37 EDT
Giants Campbell did a good job of trying to catch that with both hands far apart.
rocketcoe | 22:39 EDT
Giants Giants entire WR corps is 2 catches for 10 yards… interesting
ToadLicker | 22:40 EDT
Giants We might not score. Lord knows ... we really might not score.
AL_Joe.NY | 22:40 EDT
(:02) 4th-and-8: D.Jones pass incomplete, Turnover on downs.
Jets Wooooof. Just woof. Cowboys are going to be riding high when we go down to Dallas.
TheDefenseLeveler | 22:42 EDT
Giants 40-0 coming up.
64 Year Fan | 22:43 EDT

Fourth Quarter
(11:37) K.Turpin left end for 7 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 40 - NYG 0
Giants One of the keys to the game was stopping Kavontae Turpin. We failed. TD Dallas.
rocketcoe | 22:48 EDT
Giants I don't even think they're gonna let us score.
AL_Joe.NY | 22:50 EDT
(11:31) D.Jones pass short left to I.Hodgins, FUMBLES, RECOVERED by DAL-I.Mukuamu
Giants Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
64 Year Fan | 22:52 EDT
Giants They are the worst team in the NFL. It’s a complete embarrassment.
Eflowers | 22:52 EDT
Giants Dak owes us child support.
rocketcoe | 22:54 EDT
Jets Is it still raining, or is that Giants fan tears??
Swiggy_Brooks | 22:54 EDT
The Comptrollers This is just about the most humiliating performance imaginable in primetime.
Eboracum | 22:54 EDT
Giants I've never experienced a 50-0 game before but the way these guys are playing I'm rooting for it now.
Hojo3030 | 22:56 EDT
DAL punts
Giants I don’t know who has had a better game: The Cowboys punter or the voice in the Giants OL that screams “Give up.”
rocketcoe | 22:58 EDT
Giants Call Tom Brady
HBK99 | 22:58 EDT
Giants The starters deserve this, put them back out there.
Giantstep | 22:59 EDT
Giants My plans to buy new Giants gear went out the door like fans at halftime
GiantBeing | 23:00 EDT
Giants The Giants arent blocking they are escorting the Cowboys to Jones.
LegionofBlue14 | 23:02 EDT
Giants What are the best brown paper bags to wear over your head when it’s raining that hard?
ronjohnson | 23:23 EDT
Giants Game should end 40-0. Daniel Jones contract versus his value in rain.
axmanchops | 23:06 EDT
The Comedians I don't know how people can say the RB market is down when Daniel Jones is getting $40M/year.
Eboracum | 23:06 EDT
(5:27) D.Jones sacked at NYG 34 for -8 yards (C.Golston).
Giants Get. Jones. Out. Of. The. Game.
Brady's Bane | 23:08 EDT
The Combobulators Aaron Rodgers about to ask for a trade before next week.
gusbus9000 | 23:10 EDT
Giants Dal Backups > Giants whole team. Honestly.
NYJG | 23:11 EDT
Bills Imagine if we had Dan Quinn as DC the last 2 years. We’d likely have 2 Super Bowl victories.
SlappyMcPappy | 23:11 EDT
Jets Trey Lance should be playing at this point.
JetNut | 23:12 EDT
Giants Giants should be 0-2 after this game. They deserve an extra L.
Jewblue | 23:13 EDT
(3:16) 4th-nd-14: D.Jones pass incomplete, Turnover on downs
(1:14) 4th-and-4: C.Rush pass incomplete, Turnover on downs
Giants Now Tyrod is out there lol
IronGiant18 | 23:17 EDT
Giants Cowboys are trying to sack everybody. The popcorn guy better watch his arse.
Wayward_Son | 23:17 EDT
End of Game

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