Week 2 rooting guide

I saw someone on Reddit do this and I think it is a fantastic idea so I am stealing u/willied0's idea and doing this weekly on blogging the boys. Sometimes people don't know who to root for. My reasonings will be petty sometimes and rational sometimes But they are my reasons and you should follow me because my mom thinks I am handsome. here we go.

Cowboys over Jets - Why....cause reasons

Broncos over Commanders - We hate NFC East teams and if they could lose all games and tie against other NFC East teams we welcome it with open arms

Vikings Over Eagles - see above

Cardinals over Giants - see above and mostly because people said Daniel Jones was better than Dak HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Raiders over Bills - The Bills lost 4 Super Bowls all to the NFC East. Romo threw 5 ints and we still beat them. I feel bad for the Bills. But they must lose because in July Dak threw 2 interceptions to Diggs and ESPN and FSN talked about it all day. Allen threw 3 interceptions to the same player and had a back breaking fumble in an actual game on NFL TV and all they could talk about what was an Achilles. Screw Allen and screw the Bills.

Seahawks over Lions - Lions have been getting a lot of publicity lately and I don't like it. I like Seattle because they are responsible for letting Quinn get away and now he is with us. Also because Seahawks are 0-1 and Lions are 1-0. We need both of them at 1-1.

Panthers over Saints - same logic applies for the 1-1 thing. The saints are my team I root for other than the Cowboys but this year is special and not only must we succeed everyone must fail.

Bears over Buccaneers - 3rd game for the same reason to go 1-1

Rams over 49ers - We should all have a healthy amount of hate for the 49ers and be ok with them losing every other game for the rest of the season. Pile on the hate. Embrace the hate. It is healthy for the liver.

Falcons over Packers - Even though Rodgers is gone we should hate the Packers as much as the 9ers. I don't make up the rules. I just tell you who to root for.

Browns over Steelers - The Steelers have one more super bowl win than us and our two super bowl losses came against them. They must miss the playoffs every year until we pass them. This game goes a long way to that. So there.

Jaguars over Chiefs - The Chiefs are trying to build a dynasty and catch up to us in super bowls. They are close but as long as they have the receivers they have we are safe. Plus Lawrence's hair is fantastic.

Titans over Chargers - I like Kellen Moore and I want him to succeed in life. Just not at being an OC. So Titans over Chargers and maybe he will lose his job and become our QBs coach until Romo quits CBS and takes over for him.

Dolphins over Patriots - I hate the evil that is the Patriots. I hate how good they are and relish in the fact that they suck now. It warms the cockles of my heart. Tua is fun and so is Waddle. Their offense is scary good.

Bengals over Ravens - I graduated from LSU so I like Burrow and Chase and to a certain extent La'el Collins. Other than that I really don't care who wins.

Colts over Texans - I don't want any questions over who is the team in Texas. Texans losing helps that so lets go with that reasoning.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.