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Cowboys 2023 uniform schedule: Dallas to wear ‘throwback navy’ uniforms on Thanksgiving Day

An official uniform schedule for the 2023 Dallas Cowboys.

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a 1-0 start on the season this past Sunday night and looked pretty good while doing so. While I am talking about the way that the team played. one could argue that they also literally looked good given that the Dallas Cowboys uniform, the traditional home white which they wore last week, is one of the best in all of professional sports.

If you are someone who cares about the get-ups that the team wears on a weekly basis then you have probably been wondering where the uniform schedule is for this season. Thanks to the hard-working Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News we finally have that answer.

2023 Dallas Cowboys Uniform Schedule

All of this is pretty chalk in terms of what the Cowboys wear on a yearly basis but the ‘throwback navy’ was attention grabbing.

The game where Dallas is wearing it is Thanksgiving Day, and while it is very likely the one that returned last year (double stars on the shoulders, white pants, white helmet), it is possible that the Cowboys do something a bit different with their navy jersey altogether.

Earlier this week it was noted on social media that the Cowboys made an adjustment to their gray pants in terms of the blue stripe that runs down the side. The blue in question is now a royal blue.

As this user noted it is possible that the Cowboys are going to pair those pants with the navy jersey to create a look reminiscent of the deep past.

Dallas Cowboys QB Roger Staubach, 1978 AFC Playoffs SetNumber: X22883

That is just one theory, though. For what it is worth, the DMN listing specifically noted that the specific pant colors by week are still to be determined. So anything is possible!

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