Good job by you/C'mon son...Week 2

Week 2. Another victory Monday. Never had a doubt. As long as they had Zach Wilson I felt our chances were good. There was a lot to be happy about. Nothing much really to be disappointed about. We handled business against a team we should have beat comfortably. Let's get into it.

Good job by you.

Dak. He still isn't all the way comfortable in this offense and that should scare the rest of the league. 31/38 for 255, 2 TDs and minus the Monday night games the highest QBR this week. We have to get used to not seeing him throw for 422 yards in a close game. This is the offense now and just wait until he gets comfortable in it. Dak....good job by you.

Tolbert. He surpassed the entirety of last year in just one drive. Had two huge 3rd down conversions on the same drive. If he can become a reliable target for Dak we don't have to worry if any WR (not named Lamb) goes down for a game or two. Good job by you Tolbert

Parsons. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Good job by you.

Osa. He has been blowing me away with his jump this year. I am here for it. I haven't felt this good about a DT that can rush the passer since Jay Ratliff. Good job by you Osa.

Defense. They are a menace. They are going to get better when Dono returns. We are Quinn it to win it. Good by you defense.

Aubrey: We have a kicker. Good job by you.

C'mon Son.

Our goal line running. A lot of people were talking about getting field goals instead of TDs. I don't mind that as much right now considering this was a top 5 defense and we still had our way with them. We are averaging 35 pints against two good teams. But inside the 5 didn't seem like we could get any traction. C'mon son

Gilmore seemed to be allowing several catches. Even though the long TD was a missed tackle by Hooker it was caught on Gilly. C'mon son.

Dak haters C'mon son

Aaron Rodgers talking about coming back in time for the playoffs. Zach Wilson answered by saying, "You can't bench me for the playoffs if we don't make the playoffs." 4 months for an Achilles.....C'mon son.

Overall I am satisfied with the first two games. Went the way its supposed to. This is the NFL you aren't supposed to dominate ANY teams like this and we did it two weeks in a row. As long as we play like this and Parsons is alive (That mfer is not real) we are in every game. 2-0 feels great.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.