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Cowboys at Cardinals: Dallas could be at full strength for the first time in 2023

Reinforcements could be on the way for the Cowboys Week 3 matchup with the Cardinals.

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Reinforcements are on the way for the Dallas Cowboys!

Barring some kind of setback, Tyler Smith (hamstring), Brandin Cooks (knee), and Donovan Wilson (calf) all have a good shot at suiting up this week when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Arizona Cardinals. With their much-anticipated return, Dallas could be at full strength as a team for the first time all season.

Let that sink in for just a little bit.

Minus some of their key starters, the Cowboys have been able to outscore their opponents 70-10 in the first two weeks of the 2023 NFL season. The 40-0 victory over the New York Giants in the season opener and the 30-10 victory over the New York Jets in Week 2 is all the more impressive if you take into account the players who missed those games.

Think how much more dominant the Cowboys defense will be with Donovan Wilson, their leading tackler last season, back in action once he returns to the starting lineup. The Cowboys defense, of course, has been fine while Wilson has been sidelined, pretty much leading the league in every category imaginable, but that doesn't mean they can't stand to be even better.

Talking about being better, Dallas' reinforcements on the offensive side of the ball could be the most beneficial to the team. Brandin Cooks was sidelined last week against the New York Jets with a Grade 1 MCL sprain, and although he suited up in the season opener against the Giants, we have yet to see the kind of impact he is expected to make in the passing game this season for the Cowboys. With him back in the starting lineup, they should be a much more explosive unit.

While getting Brandin Cooks back on the field is no doubt good for Dallas' offense, Tyler Smith's return to the starting lineup is the one that should make the biggest impact moving forward. With Smith back at left guard, the Cowboys will finally have their best starting five to improve things for Tony Pollard and Dak Prescott in the running and passing game.

Considering how dominant the Cowboys have been thus far this season, it's crazy to think they can be even better. For the first time all season, if everything plays out as expected, we could finally see just how dangerous this 2023 Cowboys team can be this week against the Arizona Cardinals with more reinforcements joining the party.

Who else is excited to see the Dallas Cowboys finally at full strength?

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