Jets-Fan Legend Joe Benigno After Loss To Cowboys

I mentioned this in a comment the other day, then came across this clip.

Joe was a WFAN radio host for many years and is a long-suffering Jets fan. He goes back to SB 3, notice the Joe Namath jersey in the background. His rants on a Monday after a Jets loss were just classic. So sure enough, current hosts are still calling him up.

And you can see Tiki Barber entertained by Joe's misery, in an Only The Jets sort of way. Players change, coaches change, GM's change, uniforms change - results don't change...

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I'm half way to where Joe is. I've seen all 5 Cowboys Lombardi winners, starting at age 11 / SB 6 - and now it's 28 years into a Dark Ages for the Cowboys. You get jaded and start going to backspin on a few matters, like letting Rush drive this bus and glomming Dak off while his value is better than it will be later... ;^)

There is buzz on WFAN for bringing in a veteran QB, on the same logic that brought Rodgers in - good D and some playmakers, so maybe it's a Win Now team. I don't see how they can afford it though, Rodgers has bilked them for $75 million over this year and next, guaranteed contract.

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Russ_Te_ is the Cowboys screen name for Roy Greenfield / site author of the mid-2000's board "Cowboy Saloon"

- where the bar fights were legendary...

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