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Dallas Cowboys kicker Brandon Aubrey made NFL history with his performance in Arizona

Brandon Aubrey has a very special place in NFL history all to himself.

New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys lost on Sunday, and in the aftermath of Sunday’s action, if you want to call it that, Cowboys fans are screaming for more productivity in the redzone. This makes complete and total sense given that Dallas was 20% (1/5) in that area in the desert. Ideally the weeks ahead will offer answers, but in the meantime might I suggest this and/or this from our talented staff here on the site.

While the Cowboys may be struggling to reach the paint once they get into the redzone, they are technically not missing out on getting any points. Through three games the Cowboys have one of the best kickers in the NFL going for them in Brandon Aubrey, a statement that is in no way hyperbolic.

On Sunday, Aubrey did something that nobody has ever done in the Super Bowl era which is pretty cool.

Brandon Aubrey is a perfect 10 for 10 on field goals through his first three career games

The reality that Brandon Aubrey has had so many opportunities to kick field goals is not a good thing as noted; however, he can only do what he is asked and lately he has been called upon quite a bit.

We are now three games into the season and the Cowboys have sent the field goal unit out a grand total of 10 times and Aubrey has successfully booted 10 field goals as a result. He is perfect so far.

Redzone issues aside, going 10/10 on field goals to start your career is an impressive thing, especially given the frequency that it has happened for Aubrey. It is that frequency that has given him a unique place in NFL history.

Brandon Aubrey is the first kicker in the Super Bowl era to attempt at least 10 field goals and make them all through the first three games of his NFL career.

Ideally the Cowboys would not be offering Aubrey as many opportunities as they have, but again, that is hardly his fault. He has been asked to provide at an insane rate to start his time in the National Football League and has stood tall at every opportunity. Good for him.

Hopefully the Cowboys will only need Aubrey to connect on extra points for the foreseeable future, but at least they know that whenever they have to call upon him that he should be able to answer the call.

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