Trade for Proven CB

No Dak this time / first step to playing self off the team yesterday...

Now Then ;

I suspect Stephen is making calls. I don't know who it might be or what player. But first look at DaRon Bland stepping in for Diggs yesterday was not good. I like what Bland has done on the team but he just might not be ready to defend the opponent's best or 2nd best WR on an island.

Whether it is Dak or Cooper Rush, it should be clear that this 2023 team will only win the Lombardi on the back of it's defense. It is a win-now team and when the Cowboys had nearly the same happen in 1995 - CB Kevin Smith tore his achilles in Week 1 - Jerry went after an available Deion Sanders and got him. That was the year the Cowboys won Super Bowl 30.

That team had proven winner Aikman on it, but had lost WR Alvin Harper to free agency. The team was down a peg and being coached by Barry Switzer not Jimmy. No Deion, no Super Bowl 30 win.

This defense was special when it had 2 cover CB's, then suddenly without Diggs it was not. Such a trade depends on relative value of course. You can't trade half the future for it, but should trade some future for the right CB.

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