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Report: Cowboys starting LG Tyler Smith left practice early with hamstring issue

No indication this is a big issue, but with questionable depth, this is something to monitor.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
They need him to stay healthy.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are entering the 2023 season with the best roster in recent memory. Most positions don’t only have strong, in many cases outstanding starters, but the depth appears very good. But there is one glaring exception to the depth category: The offensive line. There is no concern about the five starters as long as they are healthy, but the backups there are suspect at best. So with the season opener against the New York Giants on Sunday night, there was a disturbing development on Monday.

There was no cause for immediate panic, as this could have been something as simple as a cramp with the team practicing outside in the still hot Texas weather. Thankfully an update was provided and while it was deemed minor, it was reported as a hamstring issue which is never something you want to hear about.

As it stands now, Smith would be replaced by rookie Asim Richards, according to the depth chart at T.J. Bass and Josh Ball also are listed as backup guards, but the team has shown a preference for keeping players at one position as much as possible. Richards has looked promising during the preseason, but is still learning to play the pro game. He would be an unquestionable downgrade, and with the rising defensive line of the Giants, that is not a comfortable thought.

The possible absence of players like Sam Williams and Donovan Wilson, as Gelhken also reported, is much less of a concern because of the depth at defensive end and safety. Still, the Cowboys need to get off to a good start this season, and any downgrade is not helpful.

But the main focus is going to be on Smith and whether this could keep him out of the lineup. We will keep a close eye on it and report all developments.

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