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Dan Quinn getting second head-coaching interviews with multiple teams

We are up to three teams who have requested second interviews for Dan Quinn.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are going about their business, and their business is the 2024 offseason instead of the rest of the NFL playoffs. They have already made one huge decision and that was to stick with Mike McCarthy for another year. They even made the decision to keep McCarthy in a lame-duck season instead of extending his contract.

Another choice they made was to keep Dan Quinn at defensive coordinator. That decision was also met with skepticism by a battered fanbase, but the Cowboys may not have the final say on that anyway.

Our own Dan Rogers is doing a deep-dive into Quinn and has the first two parts up.

Quinn has interviewed for a head coaching spot before but always returned to Dallas. This season he seems intent on seeing it through if he can grab a head coaching position. He is already schedule for second interviews with three different teams.

He has a second interview with the Seattle Seahawks, and this one seems like the most likely path given his history with the franchise.

He is also in contention for the Tennessee Titans job that was left empty with the firing of Mike Vrabel.

Then there is the Washington Commanders. If Quinn ended up there, it would mean seeing him twice a year. The Commanders defense is in shambles and they still need a dependable quarterback for the future. This one would be a heavy lift for Quinn.

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