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Stephen Jones says Cowboys fans won’t explicitly trust the team until they get it done

Stephen Jones addressed Cowboys fans feeling pessimistic about the team while at the Senior Bowl.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys were humiliated in the playoffs. In the two weeks and counting since the Green Bay Packers humbled Dallas beyond measure, we have all been looking for answers and ultimately come back to the same place: everyone is going to be mad until they are not.

To be clear it is not just that Dallas lost to their longtime rival, but more specifically how it happened. The Cowboys were never competitive and got utterly destroyed in every way. As a result, they have now officially gone over 28 years since winning the Super Bowl or even appearing in the NFC Championship Game.

Needless to say optimism is down and that does not appear to be something lost on team EVP Stephen Jones. Speaking at the Senior Bowl on Tuesday, Jones was asked about fan pessimism and said that until they (as in the Cowboys) get it done, no one is going to trust them.

“We have had three good years of 12-5 and we have had major disappointments in the postseason. So until we do something about it, which is go have another great year and have success in the playoffs, then that’s going to be there. There’s no way they’re going to explicitly trust you until you get it done. Someone trusts Tom Brady and the Patriots if they’re going to get it done? Yea. Why? Because they did it year in and year out. Someone trust Mahomes and Kansas City, that they’re going to do it? Why? Because they do it, six years in a row they’re in the Championship Game. Until we compete at that level and we get the job done then there’s going to be doubt. And rightfully so.”

It is hard to say anything other than he was completely and totally correct which is not a sentence that many fans have likely ever said. Until the Cowboys do it, no one trusts they will do it. Sometimes it really is that simple.

You may have heard/read what he said and found it interesting that Stephen specifically included Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes (aka the quarterbacks) when discussing the level of trust associated with the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs over their respective runs. Given the situation around Dak Prescott and the looming question as to whether or not the Cowboys are going to restructure, extend or figure out an alternative option with him, it was a curious bit of inclusion to say the last.

Jones was pressed on that near the end of the video and defended Prescott, although if you really want to read into things he did not use the word trust.

“We love our quarterback. It’s well-documented what we think about our quarterback.”

This is going to be a really long offseason for the Cowboys and it is only just beginning. It is hard to see what they could conceivably do that would earn back the “trust” of fans and everyone who has believed in them.

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