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Trolling The Nation doubleheader: “Parsons is my favorite player to hate”

Read what other fans had to say as they watched the Cowboys take the NFC East.

NFL: JAN 07 Cowboys at Commanders Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As we like to do after Cowboys wins, today we’re going to look at what fans of other NFL teams had to say while they were watching the Cowboys outplay the Washington Team and take the NFC East.

Unfortunately for us, we don’t have a lot of comments from other fan bases today because many were either busy watching their own team play or debating how their own game ended,

So you may find that this edition of TTN feels a bit like a standard pizza, but once you get to the end of the Cowboys game, you’ll find that our Ways & Means committee at Blogging The Boys has found ways and means to deliver devilishly delicious toppings.


Disclaimer: All quotes are taken directly from the open game threads from the SB Nation team sites as indicated in front of every comment. Some minor edits have been made to improve the overall legibility of the quotes and to satisfy our site guidelines, but no other changes have been made, no commentary added.

First Quarter
Commanders Can we wake up tomorrow morning with the announcement of Ron Rivera and his flying crap show circus is no more?
Captainobvios | 16:17 EDT
Username checks out.
Lipstick On A Pig | 16:28 EDT
Commanders If this game is even remotely close Dallas should fire McCarthy.
Taylor703 | 16:20 EDT
Commanders It’s really unsettling that as Fans were actually being forced to root for the Cowboys. Many of us will never forgive Ron for this…
Redskins1975 | 16:24 EDT
Commanders Lions fan reporting!
mongo71 | 16:31 EDT
Commanders Thank goodness. For a second there I was afraid Bieniemy had discovered the run.
MattInBrisVegas | 16:31 EDT
Commanders Did you properly signin with the referee/line judge? I don't want any confusion here.
PotRoast McGee | 16:32 EDT
Commanders I still want to lose but it would be nice to see McCarthy sweating gravy for a game
Huxley college | 16:33 EDT
(10:19) 4th & 1 at DAL 31: S.Howell pass to B.Robinson to DAL 33 for -2 yards (J.Kearse; D.Wilson). Turnover on downs.
Commanders Missed throw by Howell and terrible call by Eric Bieniemy on 4th. Everything is playing out great.
DCdepression | 16:35 EDT
Commanders Listen to that rabid Dallas home crowd…
Atticus17 | 16:35 EDT
Commanders The entire season represented in that drive. Can’t block. Can’t hit wide open wr. Bumbling play on 4th down
BandOnTheRun | 16:36 EDT
Commanders Need a coach. Need a GM. Need a name. Need a stadium. And this is before the draft is considered.
BillyBigBeer | 16:37 EDT
Commanders “Pressure coming”. Yeah, whatever.
LucasO | 16:37 EDT
Against the 49ers, we generated 1 pressure. This game we're going for 2.
MattInBrisVegas | 16:38 EDT
Commanders Our 1st round CB getting burnt by Dallas’s 4th wideout is amazing
DCdepression | 16:40 EDT
(6:26) D.Prescott pass short middle to J.Tolbert for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 7 - WAS 0
Commanders Dallas could prob score 60 points easily
shally | 16:42 EDT
Commanders I didn't think anyone could take a top 5 defense and in the span of less than a year make it the worst in the NFL. But here we are.
BillyBigBeer | 16:43 EDT
(6:19) B.Robinson FUMBLES (J.Lewis), RECOVERED by DAL-J.Lewis at WAS 31.
Commanders Fumble lost. Are we officially in Garbage Time now?
pyrotech | 16:46 EDT
Commanders I said once we re down 14, I’m good. So that leaves a decent evening ahead…
jefferboy | 16:47 EDT
Commanders Almost looks like a game is being thrown here.
Mrcogburn | 16:47 EDT
If they tried to throw the game, they'd screw it up and win.
Ryan1967 | 16:49 EDT
Mrcogburn | 16:49 EDT
Commanders This is Ron’s final game as a head coach
EternalDanSnyderRespecter | 16:49 EDT
Commanders Should be his final quarter.
Mrcogburn | 16:50 EDT
Lions Commanders turning in a fine tank job this afternoon, thanks a lot
Minute Bull | 16:50 EDT
Commanders Eagles are dying..what a shame
Huxley college | 16:51 EDT
Commanders EB is calling the game as if he is trying to show the depth of his playbook as if he is trying out for another OC position.
dsilvers | 16:56 EDT
Commanders Maybe this game puts the EB mythology to rest. Or he gets fired with RR, either one.
Mrcogburn | 17:00 EDT
(3:33) B.Aubrey 32 yard field goal is BLOCKED.

Second Quarter
(14:57) S.Howell pass short left to B.Robinson for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 7 - WAS 7
Commanders Unless we can block like 4 more FG’s Cowboys still got this
DCdepression | 17:01 EDT
Commanders I wonder if a rookie elite QB may have been able to throw the ball 25 yards to a wide open McLaurin for the TD
SlingerOfPoo | 17:05 EDT
Commanders There is nothing more annoying than Dak's cadence
Just_Max | 17:07 EDT
(11:30) D.Prescott pass short middle intended for M.Gallup INTERCEPTED
Commanders These [miscreants] are trying to win this darn game. Oh no!
Bigskins | 17:08 EDT
Commanders Love how that INT happened while Olsen was pontificating about the Cowboys.
moeFla | 17:09 EDT
Commanders If we still got a lead by half we need to pull a Philly and put in Jake Fromm. Let them win but make them feel pretty bad about it
raekwon231 | 17:10 EDT
Commanders 17 games finally went under center for short yardage
SkinsNJ | 17:13 EDT
I was shocked we did that two plays in a row - and weren't in shot gun.
Riggins4210 | 17:14 EDT
Next the blind will see and the lame will walk
SkinsNJ | 17:15 EDT
Commanders My god the eagles are heading to Tijuana
Huxley college | 17:15 EDT
Commanders Oh my God - the real team just showed up
WashingtonFMJ_BulletSkins | 17:17 EDT
Lions Cowboys struggling on the road...whodda thunk??
waitingsince57 | 17:17 EDT
Commanders Thats the Commanders i know
Asmaki | 17:18 EDT
Commanders ....because THIS is who we are.
moeFla | 17:18 EDT
Commanders tanking 101
Ithaquaa Lovecraft | 17:18 EDT
(7:04) WAS field goal is GOOD
DAL 7 - WAS 10
Commanders How do you not go for it
moeFla | 17:19 EDT
Commanders Rampantly unprepared and unprofessional players.
Huxley college | 17:19 EDT
Commanders What a puss “Riverboat”, jesus
jefferboy | 17:19 EDT
Commanders Nauseating hearing defense calls for Dallas from their fans.
BandOnTheRun | 17:20 EDT
Well earned by this franchise.....took many many years of incompetence to get to this point
cjohnson1731 | 17:21 EDT
Commanders It's about to become the CeeDee Lamb show
moeFla | 17:17 EDT
(4:12) T.Pollard right tackle for 1 yard, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 14 - WAS 10
Commanders Redskins would have won this game. Commanders have no chance.
John NC | 17:33 EDT
Commanders We need this win… for the Cowboys
Michael Loock | 17:34 EDT
Lions Philly looks like they are conceding the division to Dallas.
LionBlueSince82 | 17:34 EDT
Commanders The blowout comes if they score before the half and we don't.
moeFla | 17:36 EDT
Lions Too bad the Lions can't play the Eagles next week.
oldfatbaldguy | 17:38 EDT
Commanders Just pissed off an Eagles fan. At a sports bar and she was looking for the TV that it was on. I truly was trying to be helpful. I told her they were down by 17. She got pissed and left. Made my day as well as the bartender’s.
WestCoastHokie | 17:40 EDT
Commanders Hate to say this but we are winning this game. Dallas might as well pull out their starters since the Eagles are laying an egg.
Demj | 17:43 EDT
Commanders Whatever is going on with Philly I'm loving it!
GhostofJKCooke | 17:44 EDT
Lions Mariota in for Philadelphia, throws a pick.
oldfatbaldguy | 17:48 EDT
(1:40) S.Howell pass short middle intended for C.Samuel INTERCEPTED by D.Wilson
(0:23) D.Prescott pass short middle to C.Lamb for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 21 - WAS 10
Commanders Let the blowout commence.
Proposition_Joe | 17:51 EDT
Commanders On the bright side hopefully tomorrow morning good news that we clean the staff out
wizskinzerrr | 17:51 EDT
Commanders Lamb must have greased his uniform. We’re sliding off him. Can’t touch him
BandOnTheRun | 17:51 EDT
Commanders Time to summon the office moving company
Ryan1967 | 17:58 EDT
Commanders You got to laugh at the Giants/Phili game. Eagles have fallen off a cliff edge. No wonder we pushed them close!
thetopcat2000 | 18:00 EDT
Commanders I really do not understand what has happened to Philly. They are as bad as we are.
Captainobvios | 18:02 EDT
Commanders Lamb vs. Forbes. Candy from a baby.
BillyBigBeer | 18:09 EDT

Third Quarter
Commanders Is Tom Rinaldi wearing a Cowboys tie? So much for impartiality from the announcers
1x1an | 18:09 EDT
Commanders There’s no way Cowboys coach talked to you for this long, shut up already
SkinsNJ | 18:10 EDT
Commanders Forbes on Lamb is never going to work… but everybody but RR knows that.
pyrotech | 18:10 EDT
Commanders Last 30 minutes of the Dan Snyder era.
Yard Elf | 18:12 EDT
Commanders Dallas pass game so easy. Always a guy running free one on one right in the middle of the field
raekwon231 | 18:15 EDT
(8:28) D.Prescott pass short middle to C.Lamb for 6 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
DAL 28 - WAS 10
Commanders Well, #2 pick looking pretty assured. Job done.
DaveinDC | 18:16 EDT
(6:05) WAS punt is BLOCKED by P.Hendershot
Commanders Damn this announcer has supernatural hex the kicker and punter powers
WashingtonFMJ_BulletSkins | 18:22 EDT
Commanders How did we win 4 games?
daspig | 18:18 EDT
Commanders Ah I see we’re playing out patent 3rd quarter prevent defense
Atticus17 | 18:24 EDT
Commanders Dak would be at greater risk of being hit and injured standing on the sideline than he would if they leave him in the game.
LucasO | 18:25 EDT
(4:06) D.Prescott pass short right to B.Cooks for 5 yards, TOUCHDOWN
DAL 35 - WAS 10
Commanders Dallas' OL actually picked up the blitz and gave Dak time. Wonderful concept.
BillyBigBeer | 18:27 EDT
Commanders Fold your arms one final time Ron..I double dare you.
Huxley college | 18:29 EDT
Commanders Bye Ron, thanks for the wonderful tank job. Seriously you might have just done an incredible service to this franchise by losing out and potentially giving the Skins a future franchise qb. Appreciate it big guy!
KW 82-87-91 | 18:29 EDT
Commanders Parsons is my favorite player to hate.
BandOnTheRun | 18:31 EDT
(1:00) S.Howell pass deep left intended for T.McLaurin INTERCEPTED by D.Bland
Commanders Nail meet coffin
Atticus17 | 18:34 EDT
Commanders There’s the second INT… that’s why we can’t roll with him moving forward
1x1an | 18:34 EDT
Commanders Tankathon should just slot us in at number two now
Just_Max | 18:36 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Commanders I am sitting between two Dallas fans at the bar. I hate their fans more than I hate the team.Also they are all very uneducated fans.Let’s this end.
WestCoastHokie | 18:41 EDT
Commanders As long as we lose we're #2
DuncanInDC | 18:47 EDT
(9:00) B.Aubrey 36 yard field goal is No Good
Commanders Their backups are beating this OL
Skeets83 | 18:54 EDT
WAS Punts
Commanders Wonder what complete authentic frontier gibberish Ron comes out with at the podium
Huxley college | 19:02 EDT
(1:06) B.Aubrey 50 yard field goal is GOOD
DAL 38 - WAS 10
Commanders 1 more minute till Ron’s called his last game in the NFL. Hallelujah
Redskins1975 | 19:09 EDT
Commanders Well happy Off season. If we never see Ron or EB again it’ll be too soon. Maybe just maybe the Snyder curse will finally break. ‍♂️
Redskins1975 | 19:13 EDT

The Eagles? Did somebody mention the Eagles?

First Quarter
Eagles I have ZERO confidence in the Eagles defense. None whatsoever. The opponent doesn't matter.
RBHeadge | 16:14 EDT
Eagles Seeing the Eagles end a defensive drive without a touchdown. Rare sight.
AscendedGodEssenceFoles | 16:28 EDT
Eagles Is Hurts playing backup running back today?
TheEnforcer | 16:30 EDT
Eagles Well, nothing changed during this week. This offense STILL stinks.
grain_damaged | 16:34 EDT
Eagles Hurts the most overpaid backup running back in NFL history.
TheEnforcer | 16:35 EDT
Eagles Just take the starters out Sirianni. Maybe watching a game will help them
rabram17 | 16:36 EDT
Eagles . Here we go. Making yet another garbage team look like a contender.
#12Fan4Life | 16:38 EDT
Eagles Dallas is walking down the field on WAS
jXn | 16:39 EDT
Eagles Cowboys driving, we’re bleeding
FloridaBirdsFan | 16:39 EDT
Eagles I knew losing without even resting majority of the starters was possible, but [Holy Guacamole]!
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 16:41 EDT
Eagles Dallas aint losing to Washedup, and I don't think we can win either, so why risk starters...
I’m starting to think you aren’t the real Jason Kelce
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 16:43 EDT
(6:57) NYG field goal is GOOD
NYG 3 - PHI 0
Eagles They held them to a FG. progress!
RBHeadge | 16:43 EDT
Eagles Cowboys moving on the Wasteteam with ease meanwhile we struggle with the Giants
BirdGang93 | 16:43 EDT
Eagles Can’t wait until this season is over.
Ken Davis1 | 16:43 EDT
Next Sunday, my friend. Next Sunday.
phillyphanatic10 | 16:43 EDT
Eagles And Dak starts off 6 for 6, 57 yds, 1 TD. FIRST DRIVE. I'm sorry but we need to realize Hurts is a BIG part of our problems.
BADDAD_007 | 16:45 EDT
Eagles Replacing Desai with Patricia was like putting in the class idiot for the smart kid that doesn't quite know how to handle adversity.
Chinacat Steve | 16:45 EDT
Eagles It’s okay guys, we usually collapse in the second half so we’re just showing that we’re capable of playing like [doo doo] in the first half too, all part of the plan
liisb | 16:45 EDT
Eagles Patricia is just toying with all the other playoff teams. You know, competitive advantage
BADDAD_007 | 16:47 EDT
Eagles Why can’t Hurts ever find someone open when buying time under pressure? All season long.
(Un) | 16:48 EDT
Eagles I didn't expect the Cowboys to lose, but it looks like the Commanders are just giving the game to them.
zeeterus | 16:49 EDT
Eagles AJ down.
EaglesFanatic80 | 16:50 EDT
Eagles There’s those hot routes everyone wants. At the cost of a fumble and AJ out for year
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 16:50 EDT
Eagles And this is why you rest starters
eoos | 16:51 EDT
Eagles Did someone on this team kill someone and this is all karma?
jeagles05 | 16:51 EDT
Eagles Metlife turf strikes again
Underdog133 | 16:51 EDT
Eagles Fire everyone. I don't care. Decisions everywhere for everything, including the one who orders the pens, are all horrible.
jabberb | 16:52 EDT

Second Quarter
Eagles We might have the worst OC in the league
ferventPundit1 | 17:05 EDT
Eagles So, just when the running game gets going, we are going to call three passes.
Chinacat Steve | 17:06 EDT
Eagles They can’t even get a snap off in time. That’s crappy clock management by Hurts. He’s done this all season.
nononono | 17:07 EDT
Eagles He just broke his finger.
phillyphanatic10 | 17:07 EDT
Eagles When is the last time Hurts looked good throwing the ball? Tommy DeVito is more accurate.
Kicks03 | 17:08 EDT
Eagles Gainwell running at a high level..let's throw 4 straight passes. SMDH....BJ really is that bad.
BoilerGrad2005 | 17:08 EDT
Eagles At some point we have to acknowledge that the fact we have a 4th year QB that seemingly can't play under centre is an issue.
mm556 | 17:09 EDT
Eagles Nothing changes. same old trash. And im not buying it’s a player execution issue. It’s the coaches all day long
NotoriousRKB | 17:09 EDT
Eagles Hurts has gone from being one of the best in the NFL to one of the worst in short order.
Kicks03 | 17:10 EDT
Eagles They have zero to lose are literally blitzing every down. And we can’t hit a simple slant or quick pass to anyone lmao. What a joke this offense has become
Jrball710 | 17:11 EDT
Eagles It really is time to clean house on the coaching staff. I've seen enough.
Hammertime2021 | 17:12 EDT
(9:42) (Shotgun) S.Barkley left end for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 10 - PHI 0
Eagles Gee, the Giants can call a pass play to gain 4 yards, but we cannot.
Chinacat Steve | 17:13 EDT
They got a qb that throws the ball in under 4 seconds
iNoms | 17:14 EDT
Eagles When we blitz every receiver is wide open . When they blitz us hurts holds it for 4 Mississippi and launches deeep into double coverage. Make it make sense
Jrball710 | 17:15 EDT
Eagles Has a head coach been fired when his team was in the play offs?
MNEagles436 | 17:15 EDT
Eagles I can't believe I cut short my nap to watch this
Nectir | 17:16 EDT
Eagles Sad to say but WAS deserves our playoff spot more
jXn | 17:17 EDT
Giants be a tougher out in playoffs than this team
Phillypimpslapnu | 17:18 EDT
Eagles This is like watching the family dog die slowly. Yes, you love your dog. And it’s going to be tough. But it’s best to have it put down. The suffering is too much to take.
#12Fan4Life | 17:18 EDT
Eagles Nick needs to go. I want a HC that actually makes a difference.
MNEagles436 | 17:18 EDT
Eagles Hurts must lead the league in throw away passes.
Biecomp | 17:20 EDT
Most of them aren't really throw aways. He's just so inaccurate, they look like throw aways.
Some Kat | 17:23 EDT
Eagles Time to accept hurts just isn't very good. Will go down as an all time terrible contract
Some Kat | 17:21 EDT
Eagles Wink Martinale always blitzes on 3rd down. Why are we so unprepared?!???
goodzilla | 17:17 EDT
Eagles So every team that plays the giants have plays against the blitz but us??
Juggy300 | 17:17 EDT
Eagles It’s wild that Hurts doesn’t even look to see late blitzes coming at this point of his career. He needs to make an audible or just throw the ball early. Taking a sack is terrible.
Breathe21 | 17:23 EDT
(5:13) S.Barkley right end for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 17 - PHI 0
Eagles Trash team. Sirianni is a fraud. He and Tommy Devito should go start a Hall of Shame for Italian American NFL players
KW 82-87-91 | 17:24 EDT
Eagles I guess there is a clause in Jalen's contract to not audible when being blitzed.
Eagles86 | 17:25 EDT
Eagles Was not on the fire Sirianni bandwagon but if they lose to the Giants today he needs to go. This team is a mess
BandK | 17:26 EDT
Eagles What’s on Lifetime right now? Has to be more manly than the Eagles
Ken Davis1 | 17:27 EDT
Eagles Can we fire the coaching staff at halftime?
Hammertime2021 | 17:28 EDT
Why wait?
Fly Like An Eagle | 17:28 EDT
Eagles Something strange has to be going on. You don’t see collapses like this
euphronius2 | 17:31 EDT
Eagles The team is refusing to play on purpose. It’s a statement. Idk how many times I gotta say it.
SwedishChef | 17:34 EDT
Eagles 17 called passes for 29 net yards. 11 called runs for 70 yards. Last 10 plays were 9 passes, 1 run. Call more passes!!!
gimmiedajuice | 17:35 EDT
(1:53) T.Taylor pass short left to D.Slayton for 19 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 24 - PHI 0
Eagles So it's 10-53 in the last 2 halves of football..
YorkshirePudd | 17:41 EDT
Wow….. I didn’t know that and I don’t think I wanted to
RootForTheLaundry | 17:42 EDT
(1:34) J.Hurts pass deep left intended for J.Jones INTERCEPTED
Eagles That's a pick
Domonate | 17:42 EDT
Eagles It was a pick, he got both feet down.
HakunaMailata | 17:43 EDT
Eagles Damn Nick, you turned our team into a laughing stock
ToddSK | 17:43 EDT
Eagles Nobody comes out unscathed. Don’t ever talk to me about what a genius GM Howie Roseann is, either.
Charlie Custer | 17:43 EDT
Eagles Howie needs to be fired giving hurts that contract and no trade clause.
Underdog133 | 17:44 EDT
Eagles I’m so embarrassed right now I’m gonna have to take off my Eagles cap and shirt.
NoClearRecovery | 17:44 EDT
Eagles Hurts literally cannot read a blitz. I'm dumbfounded.
HakunaMailata | 17:44 EDT
(1:05) M.Mariota pass short left intended for Q.Watkins INTERCEPTED
Eagles Mariota introduces himself to the game with authority!!
zeeterus | 17:48 EDT
Eagles The Eagles opponent in the 1st round of the playoffs is going to slaughter this team.
Ted C Gegi | 17:50 EDT
Eagles The good news is that I don’t see how anyone ever hires Matt Patricia again! He’s done.
NoClearRecovery | 17:52 EDT
Eagles I was hesitant before but at this point, there is no way in heck Sirianni has any face to save after a colossal implosion like this.
jXn | 17:53 EDT

Third Quarter
Eagles Nobody, even the worst Eagles hater, predicted this collapse. This is bizarre.
Kwahu | 18:01 EDT
Eagles Not sure how you can bring Nick back after this. This has been a total collapse. They have quit too. He needs to go.
Whatcanyoudo10 | 18:01 EDT
Eagles Nick looks baffled on the sideline.
zeeterus | 18:11 EDT
Looks like a Dad who is too proud to ask for directions.
phillyphanatic10 | 18:12 EDT
Eagles At least we know what they are now. When they get smoked next week, it won’t be as crushing
psubeerman21 | 18:12 EDT
Eagles Starting to see why fans from other teams feel Sirianni has a punchable face… so clueless.
jklefevre01 | 18:13 EDT
Eagles at this point, you can stop updating the Cowboys game
dionnysuz | 18:15 EDT
Eagles Remember when we just needed to beat Seattle, NY, and AZ to be the one seed?
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 18:16 EDT
Eagles I’d like to congratulate the TB buccaneers on their first round playoff win next week.
Jma9 | 18:17 EDT
Eagles Let's tune out this game, the season, and start thinking about the draft. Who's your 1st round pick?
Limey2020 | 18:22 EDT
Head coach
toddherremans79 | 18:22 EDT
Eagles Dallas up 35-10. Good thing we got a number of players injured and avoided rest for everyone.
eoos | 18:28 EDT
Eagles Guys. This isn’t over. Lot of ball left. Who’s with me!?
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 18:29 EDT
Shut up
SwedishChef | 18:29 EDT
Go cook something
Philadelphia Eagles 521 | 18:34 EDT
(1:15) PHI 36 yard field goal is GOOD
NYG 24 - PHI 3
Eagles Negative point differential on the season, we really suck lol
Your friendly optimistic Eagle | 18:33 EDT
Eagles This team is like Rocky, if Apollo Creed wins in round 1.
Limey2020 | 18:37 EDT
this team is like Apollo Creed fighting Drago. Came out with all the hype and got killed.
urbnasty | 18:38 EDT

Fourth Quarter
Eagles Can we decline the playoffs to move up in the draft?
MustbeaVulcan | 18:43 EDT
Eagles Is anyone still watching this comedy?
Limey2020 | 18:44 EDT
Eagles Howie Roseman is not getting near enough hate for his horrid roster construction
VeganJah | 18:49 EDT
(10:21) M.Mariota pass deep left to Q.Watkins for 16 yards, TOUCHDOWN
NYG 24 - PHI 10
Eagles Why is this numbnut celebrating like that?
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 18:52 EDT
Eagles Should have played the backups all game!
jklefevre01 | 18:53 EDT
Eagles Cowboys gonna avoid playing LA in the wildcard… probably NFC title game bound…
Be subpar for Ja'Marr | 18:56 EDT
Eagles Hurts > Dak is looking even more ridiculous than Wentz > Dak
mojo schmee | 18:59 EDT
(3:42) NYG 21 yard field goal is GOOD
NYG 27 - PHI 10
Eagles This game is so bad, even the trolls have left the thread.
17thandShunk | 19:06 EDT
Eagles Eagles flying like the Hindenburg
Starpilot | 19:12 EDT

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