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Electrify your Super Bowl viewing experience with this fun question sheet

The Super Bowl comes with all sorts of fun games to play alongside it.

It’s Super Bowl Weekend!

We know, the Dallas Cowboys are not in the big game, but that doesn’t mean fans don’t deserve a day to jump around and act crazy. We are still big fans of the game, and dagnabit, we’re allowed to have some fun too.

That was my sentiment back in 1996, the year after the Cowboys' last Super Bowl, when I created a fun little game sheet that helped enhance the big game. All it took was a little imagination and a group of friends who love to bet on just about anything, and sure enough, the Super Bowl Challenge was born.

Over time, our Super Bowl party has grown and now includes partygoers who just love to be around other people cheering for something. So, to appease a room full of crazy fans gathered around the television set, this game sheet needed to be designed to keep our attention from start to finish. And that’s why it offers a little bit of everything. From the National Anthem to Super Bowl commercials, this game sheet covers more than just football stuff. There’s even a question about Usher’s first halftime song, and you better believe Taylor Swift will come up a time or two.

Of course, there are also football questions, and a lot of them. There are questions about who does what first, who has the most receiving yards, and how much the winning team will win by. And for the big points, you’re gonna need to pick the winner and MVP.

Whatever you are doing for the big game, make sure you have this game sheet and share it with as many people as you want who are also having a Super Bowl party. Once you implement this game into your party, you’ll be hooked.

Here is this year’s game sheet.

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