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Dallas Cowboys kicker Brandon Aubrey’s first field goal miss completely stunned the FOX broadcast

Nobody was prepared for Brandon Aubrey to miss his first field goal when it happened.

What happened during the 2023 Dallas Cowboys regular season feels like water under the bridge of Who Cares at this point, but hopefully enough time will pass and as the disappointment fades we will remember what was a really fun ride before it all fell apart.

One of the more interesting days of the journey came during the team’s last win, a Week 18 contest on the road against the Washington Commanders. Dallas took on their longtime division rivals in a situation where a win guaranteed them the NFC East and the number 2 seed in the NFC - luxuries which they would go on to completely spoil. But we are moving (or trying to move) on!

The game feels like forever ago but if you recall it enough you may remember that it was a bit tense early on given all of the stakes. Dallas took a little while to find their footing and a part of the slow start involved rookie kicker Brandon Aubrey missing a field goal for the first time in his career. He would even go on to miss a second before netting one through.

During the game’s broadcast the FOX team of Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen noted how Aubrey had not missed on the season before he lined up for the fateful boot. Lo and behold the kick was blocked and the internet took off screaming that FOX had jinxed Aubrey.

Thanks to DiGiorno I was able to sit down with Burkhardt and Olsen this week and ask them about this moment among a variety of things. They mentioned that there was a backstory involved, you can see the clip right below.

Something interesting about this duo and the sideline reporters associated with them in Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldo is that they covered a Dallas Cowboys game a total of nine times on the season. That is quite a lot for a crew that did 21 games total.

As is the case, I also asked what it is like to cover a team so frequently and how they approached it as the season went along. We also discussed the temperature surrounding the team in its current moment. You can watch our entire conversation down below and on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel.

Up top I mentioned that Burkhardt and Olsen joined us on behalf of DiGiorno and funny enough it was specifically as a result of a campaign DiGiorno is running for next Sunday (you know... The Big Game). If at any point during the Super Bowl a kicker doinks a kick (even if it goes through the uprights) you can win a free pizza. Find out all of the information that you need here.

Our thanks to Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen and DiGiorno for the time.

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