Live Mock Draft

What's up Dallas!

Pittsblitz56 from over at Behind The Steel Curtain, in search of a draft head to represent the Cowboys in our annual Live Mock Draft. The draft has taken place for well over a decade and once on these pages throughout the NFL sites on SB Nation. Our group is about 24 strong and only needing to add a few new members each year. Most are from SB Nation sites and are very knowledgeable NFL fans. We currently have 26 members ready to take part in the 3 day event.

The draft is set to take place on April 12- 14th

Round 1 is set for Friday night at 8pm(Eastern) 5 min per pick

Rounds 2 - 4 is set for Saturday at 1pm(Eastern) 3 min per pick

Rounds 5- 7 is set for Sunday at 1pm( Eastern) 2 minutes per pick

There is a commissioner and someone to track the picks as they happen for reference

We allow trades - player(s) for pick(s) and pick(s) for pick(s)

If this is something you have interest in or might know a fellow Cowboy fan that would, leave a comment or send them in this direction. I would really appreciate if anyone has ties to the editing crew that could bump this to the front for a day or so. I will do my best to answer any and all questions regarding our draft. Thanks for your time !

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