Offensive Line: OC Options

Full disclosure: I post here not because I am highly knowledgeable about the Cowboys, but because it helps me put thoughts together, but especially since people who actually read Fanposts and comment tend ask great questions or suggest solutions I hadn't considered.

1. Re-signing Tyler Biadasz:

I've read a number of times that Baidasz is likely gone so that's what I'm anticipating. Most likely he has an agent who is going to get him the most money he can get. HOWEVER, what would a team-friendly discount look like that would make sense and allow the Cowboys to spend elsewhere? Before answering that, the question that needs to answer first is whether or not he is good enough to be the starting center on a team whose stated goal is to significantly improve its playoff performance as of late and hopefully to the point of winning as Super Bowl. Possibly! Tyler Smith was lights out last year. Is it possible that part of his excellence was due to how well he communicated with Biadasz? It's possible. I'm of the opinion that there's not a magic there that can't be replaced and like the idea of filling this role in the draft. However, if there is a team-friendly contract to be had, it would need to be less than what Williams and McGovern got when they left. $6.5M or less would? Probably. $7M or more? No!

2. Other Free Agents:

According the PFF, there are 4 free agent OCs ranked higher than Biadasz. They are listed here with their overall FA rank following:

1. Connor Williams #37

2. Andre James #44

3. Lloyd Cushenberry #57

4. Aaron Brewer #77

5. Tyler Biadasz #93

With Connor Williams coming off an injury, might there be a deal to be had? A bigger question is do we (fans) want to see a player signed who is coming off and injury and does the FO want to try that again?

3. Draft

Feb 6, 2024 Drafttek rankings: #39 Graham Barton / #47 Jackson Powers-Johnson / #75 Zack Frazier

Feb 8, 2024 Drafttek rankings: #29 Jackson Powers-Johnson / #46 Graham Barton / / #81 Zack Frazier

These rankings will change (obviously!) as there is more information on players with the Combine, etc. However, the Cowboys "reached" for a very good center in the past and won big before he got hit with a strange disease. Of these players, I'm starting to like Barton not only because he is the highest ranked player, the player most often mocked to the Cowboys at 24, but also because of his position flex and 0 injuries of note!

Draft Picks: 24, 56, 87, 172, 212, 230, 241

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