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Semi-retired Cowboys writer with a heavy focus on stats, numbers, and anything quantifiable. Creator of popular "Trolling The Nation" series. Eagles hater, Chorus hater, unapologetic HTML-block inserter, and Oxford comma propagator.

Trolling The Nation for Cowboys vs Jets: ‘Parsons is not a real human being’

Savor every last detail of Sunday’s game as you read what other fans had to say as they watched the Cowboys outclass the Jets.

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We look at three fresh Cowboys roster projections to get a feel for how they have changed over the course of the offseason and preseason.

3 different Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster projections after 3 weeks of training camp

We look at three fresh roster projections to try to understand who’s up and who’s down before the Cowboys head to Seattle for their second preseason game.

Why drafting well is the best way to manage the salary cap in the NFL

The draft is the perfect vehicle for bringing in talented and cheap labor to replace old and expensive employees.

4 different Cowboys 53-man roster projections help pinpoint contested roster spots

A look at roster projections for the Cowboys 53-man roster point to some interesting battles, like the cornerback position among others.

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Final 2023 NFL Draft Grades: Mel Kiper says ‘Dallas did well’

A look at the first draft grades published over the last few hours, and how the Cowboys graded out.

2023 NFL Draft Day 2 grades: Unflattering grades for Cowboys

A quick review of Day 2 draft grades for the Cowboys.

2023 Dallas Cowboys draft grades: The ‘rich get richer’ with ‘huge playmaker’

We take a second look at the grades for the Cowboys’ first-round pick.