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Tom Ryle is a retired Air Force officer and a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan - which goes back to the mid-1960s. He has been writing about the Cowboys for Blogging the Boys since 2010. His main focus has always been analysis of the team, from how they perform on the field to the ownership and staff. He has a weekly podcast, with Roy White III, which releases Thursdays on the SBN podcast network.

Cowboys head to 49ers game with some health issues, and a draft class that is underwhelming so far

The Dallas Cowboys will face the 49ers on Sunday, and the health of the offensive line is one concern.

Looking for lessons from the Cowboys blowout of the Patriots

After the Cowboys absolutely crushed the Patriots, we looked for lessons that can be transferred to the 49ers game this Sunday night.

Stats takeaways from the Cowboy’s big win over the Patriots

The good outweighs the bad, of course, but there is still plenty to work on.

Cowboys bounce back big with 38-3 trouncing of Patriots

They even scored in the red zone!

Cowboys point/counterpoint: The coaches and players have a lot to do against the Patriots

The Cowboys are under the microscope after last week’s disaster, and now face a coach who can exploit weaknesses.

Here’s what we need to see when the Cowboys face the Patriots

The Cowboys have a lot of room for improvement, and here are some of those things.

3 thoughts on the Cowboys’ loss and how to move forward

They need to get things fixed fast before the Patriots come to town.

As Cowboys head into week 4, we may have learned nothing about them

We should have a much better idea of the nature and character of this team, but nope.

Stats from Cowboys’ ugly loss to Cardinals are, well, ugly

There are some positives, but you have to dig for them.

Cowboys fail the test against the Cardinals, 28-16, leading to questions for the team

The Dallas Cowboys were cruising this year, but a Week 3 matchup with the Cardinals has put a season on hold as Dallas must adjust to their new reality.