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Dallas Cowboys Draft

Cowboys draft: Footage shows Dallas was debating between Mazi Smith and Matthew Bergeron

A look back at the Cowboys first-round selection of Mazi Smith and the choice between a trade, and Matthew Bergeron.

Why drafting well is the best way to manage the salary cap in the NFL

The draft is the perfect vehicle for bringing in talented and cheap labor to replace old and expensive employees.

Top 10 Day 3 draft capital trades of the Cowboys over the last 20 years

The Cowboys have their moments of trading away late-round draft resources to get the player they want.

Looking back at the Cowboys success at drafting offensive linemen in the first round

Dallas has an impressive résumé in drafting offensive linemen in the first round of the NFL draft. So let’s take a look back at their recent selections and how they panned out.

Dallas Cowboys may get production in 2023 from two late-round picks

The draft is the Cowboys wheel house and in 2023 they may find real help late once again.

Examining the best-case/worst-case scenarios for each of the Cowboys 8 draft picks of 2023

What should we expect from the Cowboys’ new rookie class? Let’s check out the potential ceiling and floors of the 2023 group.

The narratives about the Cowboys that have changed in 2023

Some things about the Cowboys have shifted a lot, while others are just evolving.

Where are they now? Cowboys to square off against 7 of their former draft picks in 2023

With the new schedule release, the Cowboys will meet up with some familiar faces.

Dallas Cowboys running back Deuce Vaughn will have his NFL draft journey shown in a documentary

An opportunity to see more of Deuce Vaughn’s draft journey.

Cowboys get their 2023 draft class under contract

The Cowboys take care of some financial business before rookie camp.

Revisiting pre-draft predictions: Cowboys fan predictions delivered sobering results

We asked Cowboys fans to predict who the Cowboys would draft this year. The results are sobering...

Cowboys sign 2nd-round pick, tight end Luke Schoonmaker, to rookie contract

The draft players are starting to sign contracts, including Cowboys TE Luke Schoonmmker and CB Eric Scott Jr.

Cowboys DT Mazi Smith continues to be ignored for potential impact

Dallas’ first-round pick in 2023 isn’t getting much love in post-draft analysis

What the Dallas Cowboys 2023 offseason has taught us

It was an offseason unlike what Cowboys fans are used to from the team.

Scouting the Cowboys UDFA class: Wide receiver David Durden

Evaluation of the UDFA class for the Dallas Cowboys. This edition is on West Florida Argonauts wide receiver David Durden

Cowboys draft 2023: Dallas was reportedly ‘closely watching’ Mississippi State CB Emmanuel Forbes

The Cowboys apparently had their eye on a top corner.

Scouting the Cowboys UDFA class: Wide receiver Jalen Moreno-Cropper

Evaluation of the UDFA class for the Dallas Cowboys. This edition is on Fresno State Bulldogs wide receiver Jalen Cropper.

Reach or steal? Eric Scott Jr. is the latest sneaky pterodactyl development CB drafted by the Cowboys

The Cowboys know what they want in a cornerback, but the question is, did they get it?

Question of the week: Did the Cowboys draft strategy shift this year?

The NFL draft has concluded, and we have to ask, did the Cowboys strategy switch?

5 questions about the Cowboys draft that could determine its long-term success

The Cowboys are hoping their draft picks from 2023 can hit the high bar of potential they see for them down the road.

This draft shows that the Cowboys are trying to make teams think twice about running against them

Opposing teams will continue to run against the Cowboys until they give them a reason not to.

How offensive lineman Asim Richards could end up being the steal of the draft for the Cowboys

The team may have found a hidden gem in this Tar Heel tackle.

Mazi Smith wasn’t the flashy pick many fans hoped for, but he is the pick the Cowboys needed most

After some reflection, the pick of Mazi Smith becomes a clear case of need.

Connecting the dots between Cowboys Micah Parsons and DeMarvion Overshown

The recent news on Micah Parsons shines a light on their third-round pick in 2023.

Dallas Cowboys mailbag: Post-draft questions

People have questions about the Cowboys, and we strive to provide the answers.

Scouting the Cowboys UDFA class: Tight end Princeton Fant

Evaluation of the UDFA class for the Dallas Cowboys. This edition is on Tennessee Volunteers tight end Princeton Fant.

Players drafted by the Dallas Cowboys’ NFC East division rivals that are bothersome

You never want to see your division rival improve.

Wildly premature Cowboys 53-man projection after the Dallas draft

Why not take a shot at the Cowboys 53-man roster?

Scouting the Cowboys UDFA class: Offensive tackle Earl Bostick Jr.

Evaluation of the UDFA class for the Dallas Cowboys. This edition is on Kansas offensive lineman Earl Bostick Jr.

Finding Dalton Schultz’s doppelganger for pennies on the dollar is a smart move by the Cowboys

The Cowboys not only have taken a good step in replenishing their tight end contributions, but they saved some cap resources in the process.

Cowboys draft strategy tells us the left guard solution is in house

Many thought the Cowboys would use a premium pick to solidify their left guard spot. They didn’t and it leads us to one conclusion.

Cowboys draft 2023: Mazi Smith was the right pick for the Cowboys

The Cowboys could have gone in multiple different directions in round one, but the route they chose may be the right choice despite some skepticism.

3 traits for each of the Cowboys’ top 3 picks that will immediately impact the team in 2023

How well did the Cowboys stick to their win-now offseason in the first three rounds of the draft?

Scouting the Cowboys UDFA class: Guard T.J. Bass

Evaluation of the UDFA class for the Dallas Cowboys. This edition is on Oregon’s offensive lineman T.J Bass.

Dallas Cowboys announce jersey numbers for 2023 rookie class

The Cowboys rookies need jerseys, so here are their numbers.

Cowboys leaned on their 30 visits in the 2023 NFL Draft

The pre-draft visits were very predictive this year for the Cowboys.


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