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Dallas Cowboys General

Cowboys 2021 draft class faces a critical third season

If some of these third-year Cowboys players don’t start producing, they might not even make the team.

The battle for “Agent 0” is officially over in Dallas

It looks like someone on the Cowboys will be wearing zero after all in 2023.

Cowboys say they released Ezekiel Elliott to avoid insulting him

Rather than offering their longtime RB a pay cut, Dallas cut him for salary cap relief and reduced production.

Why the Cowboys cannot rely on Tyron Smith to be a significant contributor in 2023

The veteran lineman is back, but what will his role look like?

Weapons, schmeapons, Dak Prescott is the missing ingredient in making the Cowboys offense work

While everyone is playing the blame game, the Cowboys answers to fixing the offense might be closer than we realize.

Stephon Gilmore trade will allow CB Daron Bland to battle for snaps at his best position in the secondary

The Cowboys defense got even better on Tuesday when they traded a fifth-round pick for veteran cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

Cowboys' big moves creating a make-or-break scenario for Mike McCarthy

Dallas’ offseason aggression will eventually hit the head coach if the team doesn’t produce.

Recent history shows the Cowboys should move their second-round pick for a proven commodity

For the Cowboys, the second round of the draft has been hit or miss.

Favorite Ezekiel Elliott moments: Remembering Zeke and his time with the Cowboys

We all knew this day was coming for the Cowboys and fans, but it’s still hard to say goodbye sometimes.

Dallas Cowboys mailbag: Tony Pollard and Dak Prescott questions are the highlights

People have questions about the Cowboys, and we strive to provide the answers.

Signs that Israel Mukuamu could be converting to cornerback in 2023

After working as a safety with the Cowboys, the third-year prospect may be heading back to his college position.

2023 NFL free agency rumors: Dallas Cowboys likely to release Ezekiel Elliott on Wednesday

The end of an era seems to be approaching for the Dallas Cowboys.

Stephon Gilmore is a perfect fit for Cowboys defense

The veteran cornerback fills a big need for the Dallas Cowboys in their secondary.

BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys trading fifth-round pick to Indianapolis Colts for CB Stephon Gilmore

The Cowboys are making a serious improvement in the secondary.

The Dallas Cowboys are better for having Tyron Smith on the roster, no matter the role

Tyron Smith coming back to Dallas would be a big deal for this offensive line.

After further review: Grading the Cowboys offseason moves from a year ago

Before we start judging this year’s Cowboys front office moves, we should remind ourselves how they did last offseason.

Tight end will be crucial in Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys offense

It will pay to have a difference-maker at the tight end position for Dallas.

WR Deandre Hopkins is a playmaker that could immediately bolster the Cowboys’ receiving room

The Dallas Cowboys should go all-in on trading for this wide receiver.

Dak Prescott’s contract has aged incredibly well for the Dallas Cowboys

When looking across the NFL landscape, Dak Prescott’s current contract with the Cowboys is a bargain.

Cover 5: Things we wonder about the Dallas Cowboys

Let’s do a grab bag of Cowboys topics for your consideration.

Cowboys rumors: NFL insider says ‘it would not be surprising’ to see team cut Ezekiel Elliott

Conversations continue to swirl around running back Ezekiel Elliott.

What everybody is missing from Mike McCarthy’s recent comments about the Cowboys offense, Kellen Moore

The Cowboys head coach made some comments about the offense that deserve a closer look as they seemed to have been misinterpreted.

Cowboys 2023 offseason guide: Here’s what they should do at the safety position

What does the front office need to do this offseason to ensure the safety position is up to snuff?

7 ‘under the radar’ returning Cowboys offensive players for 2023

All eyes are on the draft and free agency, but don’t forget these possible assets already on the Cowboys roster

The NFLPA gives the Cowboys an impressive report card

The players union issued the first-ever "report cards" to assess the franchises that employ them.

Cowboys 2023 offseason guide: Here’s what they should do at the cornerback position

The team battled through some injuries last year at cornerback, but how should they ensure they are up to the task in 2023?

If Tyron Smith and Terence Steele return, the Cowboys must decide where to play Tyler Smith

The Cowboys’ second-year offensive lineman may have to stay open-minded about his position for at least another year.

Cowboys 2023 offseason guide: Here’s what they should do at the linebacker position

The Cowboys stayed afloat last year at linebacker, but they’ll need a little work to repeat that feat in 2023.

Cowboys 2023 offseason guide: Here’s what they should do at the defensive tackle position

There will be a lot of change happening along the interior defensive line for the Cowboys in 2023.

Why the Cowboys’ decision on Tyron Smith may dictate their offseason plans

There is speculation that the veteran tackle’s time in Dallas may finally come to an end.

Stephen Jones implied the Cowboys will extend Dak Prescott, says team will ‘probably’ use franchise tag

The Cowboys quarterback’s contract is once again a subject of discussion.

Cowboys offseason 2023: Daniel Jeremiah lists his offseason priorities for Dallas

Dallas has much to take care of with a new season on the horizon. Here is where they should start.

Cowboys 2023 offseason guide: Here’s what they should do at the defensive end position

The Cowboys surprised everyone last year with an assortment of edge rushers, but what will things look like in 2023?

Jalen Ramsey would be a home run for the Cowboys, but it won’t be easy

Jerry Jones would have to move heaven and earth - and then some - to pull this off.

Cowboys 2023 offseason guide: Here’s what they should do at the tight end position

The Cowboys have a tough decision to make at tight end.

Cowboys offseason 2023: Jalen Ramsey on the trade market should tempt Dallas

It would be seven years later, but Jalen Ramsey would look really nice with a star on his helmet.


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