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Dallas Cowboys History

2022 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys and the history of the 24th overall pick

The 24th overall pick has been kind to the Dallas Cowboys in the past.

Cowboys vs. 49ers playoff game: A long history between these two NFC rivals

The Cowboys and 49ers go back a long way in the NFC as far as playoffs go.

Dallas Cowboys legend DeMarcus Ware named Hall of Fame finalist for 2022

The former Cowboys star could be a first-ballot honoree.

Know Your History: The Cowboys vs Raiders matchup

These teams have faced each other on Thanksgiving a few times before.

Know Your History: The Cowboys at Chiefs matchup

The original Dallas football team takes on the best Dallas football team.

Know your history: The Cowboys vs Falcons matchup

Recent contests between these two have been very memorable, for reasons both good and bad

Know Your History: The Cowboys vs Broncos matchup

It’s been a long time since the Cowboys beat the Broncos.

Know your history: The Cowboys at Vikings matchup

These two teams have had some memorable clashes in the past

Know your history: The Cowboys vs Eagles matchup

It’s one of the most storied rivalries as the two NFC East teams clash again.

The Dallas Cowboys may have just broken an important streak with their win against the Chargers

Good teams beat good teams, something the Cowboys finally did.

Know your history: The Cowboys at Chargers matchup

The Cowboys and Chargers don’t play often, but it’s usually a good game.

Know your history: The Cowboys at Buccaneers matchup

The Cowboys and Buccaneers are two teams that rarely meet.

Former Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams carving out niche in pro flag football league

Williams spoke on his time in the AFFL like it was a match made in heaven.

Jerry Jones announced before the HOF game that Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into the Ring of Honor

The Cowboys will finally do the right thing.

Looking back, the Cowboys got a big win when they traded for Amari Cooper

The Cowboys struck gold with a risky trade.

Re-visiting some of the best Dallas Cowboys wins against division rivals in recent memory

Some wins are sweeter than others. Let’s review some of the Cowboys best recent wins.

One Cowboys trade is tabbed as among the worst of the past 20 years in the NFL

This one isn’t fun to remember.

How the Cowboys got their historic nickname “America’s Team”

You know the slogan. You’ve heard it thousands of times. But how exactly did it come to fruition?

What if L.P. Ladouceur was never called for the snap infraction at Washington in 2018?

Things could look very different for the Cowboys today.

Name one former Cowboys defender you believe would immediately help this defense

If you had the ability to bring back a legendary defender, who would you choose?

Here is what the Dallas Cowboys looked like last time Phil Mickelson won a major championship

Lefty did it again on Sunday.

Drew Pearson has selected Roger Staubach as his presenter for the Pro Football Hall of Fame

From one Cowboys legend to another.

Hidden gems: Cowboys’ draft history of diamonds in the rough

Talent isn't always found at the top of the totem pole.

The greatest #9’s in Dallas Cowboys history

The NFL’s potential jersey number fiasco has us reminiscing on past pros.

Cowboys draft rewind: Whatever happened to Bo Scarbrough?

Scarbrough was the Cowboys’ "Mr. Irrelevant" in 2018.

Not re-signing Dak Prescott would go down as one of the “most infuriating moments” in Cowboys history

Letting Prescott get away would make the majority of the Cowboys fanbase irate.

Adrian Peterson reiterated his goal to pass Emmitt Smith as the NFL’s all-time leading rusher

It sounds good, but it will take a lot for A.P. to catch #22.

The man who made #88 great: Drew Pearson’s Cowboys career

The original #88 had quite the career.

DeMarcus Ware promotes Tony Romo for the NFL Hall of Fame

You’re saying there’s a chance?

Next up for the Hall of Fame among eligible Cowboys players? One name tops the list.

The call from the Hall.

The Dallas Cowboys now have multiple Hall of Famers that wore the same number... more could come soon

Congratulations to The Original 88.

Drew Pearson should finally get his due when he is voted into the NFL Hall of Fame

The time should finally arrive for a Cowboys great who has been overlooked.

Michael Irvin talked about one of the most infamous moments in Dallas Cowboys history

The Playmaker spoke about an infamous Cowboys moment among other things.

Just how good was Tony Romo in college? A look at his Hall of Fame résumé

Tony Romo’s a Hall of Famer. Well... a college one at least.

The last Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants game in Week 17 is very much worth remembering

It was a great day in New Jersey.

Which former Dallas Cowboys has it been the most weird to see the team play against?

It is never easy to see a longtime Cowboy in a new uniform.