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Dallas Cowboys Podcasts & Videos

DeMarcus Ware talks 2022 NFL Draft, says Von Miller asked him about Dallas Cowboys during free agency

DeMarcus Ware has spoken.

What “following the money” tells us about the Cowboys potential draft plans

The Cowboys are all about the cap and that comes in play when they make their draft selections.

The Cowboys history of first-round defensive flops prove how lucky they are to have Micah Parsons

The first-round defensive investments just having worked out for the Cowboys over the years, but Parsons will have a say in changing that.

Stephen Jones’ initial comments from the NFL Combine are rather discouraging

It is hard to trust the Cowboys front office right now.

Dak Prescott’s career is like Russell Wilson’s only without a defense, except now he has a defense

What other NFL quarterback, past or present, matches Dak Prescott’s career?

Pick your top 3 non-championship seasons for the Dallas Cowboys

Even when it doesn’t end with a Super Bowl victory, the Cowboys have still had some pretty exciting seasons over the years.

2022 Dallas Cowboys Free Agency: Michael Gallup plans on taking the deal that works best for him

Time will tell where Michael Gallup winds up.

Watch Cowboys defenders Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs show out in NFL Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

It was a fun Thursday night for the Cowboys' young defenders.

Breaking down the Cowboys vs 49ers Wild Card Madden simulation

before the real game, check out the Cowboys vs. 49ers simulation to see who won.

State of the NFC East: Dallas vs. San Francisco, Eagles at Buccaneers, Giants fire Joe Judge

A look at the NFC East as the playoffs begin.

Results from the Cowboys at Eagles Madden simulation of full-strength rosters

The Eagles won the game 27-10, but take that with a grain of salt.

State of the NFC East: Cowboys and Eagles are both headed to the playoffs

Half of the NFC East division is headed to the postseason.

Dak Watch Week 17 [video breakdown]: Too little too late

A great second half marred by missed opportunities in the first for Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

3 things we learned from our Cowboys vs. Cardinals Madden simulation

The Cowboys won 28-21 over the Cardinals, but how did it all go down?

Dak Watch Week 16 [video breakdown]: Improvements pay off for Cowboys offense

Breaking down a big win over Washington, from the Dak Prescott perspective.

State of the NFC East: The Dallas Cowboys have just about won the division

Soon the Cowboys should wrap up the NFC East.

Micah Parsons video breakdown: What makes this Cowboys rookie special, and what he still needs to work on

The Cowboys certainly struck gold when they drafted Micah Parsons, and we look at why.

3 things we learned from our Cowboys at Giants Madden simulation

The Cowboys traveled to the Meadowlands and earned themselves another division win. That’s good, but we can take away so much more.

Dak Watch Week 14 [video breakdown]: Looking for clues after the Washington game

Mr. Prescott goes to Washington.

What we learned from the Cowboys at Football Team Madden sim

The Cowboys beat the Football Team 49-35, but what’s interesting is how we got there.

Health may be the secret weapon for the Cowboys roster as they head towards the end of the 2021 season

It could be something the Cowboys can’t control that helps them down the homestretch.

State of the NFC East: Sunday is the biggest game of the season for Dallas and Washington

Things are heating up in the NFC East.

Dak Watch Week 13 [video breakdown]: A night in the bayou

Studying Dak Prescott against the Saints.

Dak Watch Week 12: An unhappy Thanksgiving

Analyzing Dak Prescott’s game against the Raiders

Dak Watch Week 10: Rebound effect

A nice bounce-back performance from Dak Prescott for the Cowboys.

3 things we learned from our Cowboys v. Falcons Madden simulation

The Cowboys have been on a roll in recent weeks but adversity is never far away.

State of the NFC East: Could the New York Giants possibly make the playoffs?

Our weekly look at the NFC East.

DeMarcus Ware believes the Dallas Cowboys can still have success this season

A Cowboys legend joins us for a chat about the current team.

Dak Watch Week 9: What went wrong versus the Broncos?

Looking at Dak Prescott’s performance against the Broncos.

3 Takeaways from Cowboys Week 9 Madden simulation vs the Denver Broncos

It wasn’t the highest scoring of games but the Cowboys continued to impress this week.

3 Takeaways from Cowboys Week 8 Madden simulation at Minnesota

The Cowboys beat the Vikings 28-18 in our Week 8 simulation, but how they went about it is the story.

The 2021 Dallas Cowboys team might be their best overall group in decades

So far, this Cowboys team is looking like the best they have been in a long time.

State of the NFC East: It’s the Dallas Cowboys and then there is everybody else

Checking in on where things stand across the division.

Takeaways from the Cowboys’ 27-0 Madden sim victory over New England

The final score says plenty, but how the Cowboys got there is what’s most interesting.

State of the NFC East: This week looks extremely promising for the Dallas Cowboys

Is this week that Dallas starts to really separate themselves?

Five things we are happy to be wrong about so far regarding the 2021 Dallas Cowboys

There were some off-base predictions made about the Cowboys early in the season, let’s check them out.