Danny White and the Horse Collar


Look at how he ripped it & gets it in the right spot or there is no horse collar. All geezers agree this was a very sad day. enjoy

Danny White to Drew


Here it is, Danny had some comeback dust leftover from Roger & he used it here in an epic comeback scoring 2 TD's both to Drew in the 4th quarter to keep our postseason hopes alive. enjoy

Danny White to Butch Johnson


This one is from MNF back in the day so you get to hear the old crew from the booth. The bonus is you get The California Quake from Butch. Sorry about the quality, it's out of my hands, but back in the day we would be happy to have a picture this clear. enjoy

Danny White to Dorsett


This is called simply beautiful, right up the seam & untouched. Then to rub in further, Dorsett makes a mockery of the Steelers defense by breaking a long gainer. This was back in 85 when Dorsett also broke the 10K barrier. He would finish the day with that 56 yard pass for a TD & then cap the scoring with that 35 yard run for a TD. His box was 21/113 1 TD on the ground & 4/82 1 TD in the air. enjoy

Danny White to Mike Renfro


Renfro was a terrific find for us & proved to be a valuable vet with his excellent route running. He only played here 4 years, but provided value since Drew Pearson was injured in a car wreck. He was released when we drafted The Playmaker. enjoy

La'el Collins


He has quietly become one of the best Right Tackles in the league. He has become a master of moves & great with his technique. He also is dirt cheap, sometimes ol' Jerry is smart to sign a player early. enjoy