Giants Go to the Dark Side


Actually, they will allow the NFL to install a camera in the Giants "War room." My guess is that Tom Coughlin isn't going to love this move.

What are the chances he will drop to #16?


Brian Burke of has created this tool to tell you what the probability is that player x will be available at each pick. How does it work? Science/go read the really long posts he has explaining it. FYI, he calculates that the chances of Donald being there at #16 are 5%

A bust metric for quartebacks


The guys over at dailynorseman are testing out a quarterback metric to tell whether a prospect will boom, bust, or be average. Take it for what it is, an interesting read.

Lamarcus Joyner = RKG


I know we have discussed Lamarcus Joyner a bit as a prospect for the 'Boys. Here is a pretty cool article about his upbringing.

Johnny Manizel's Draft Day in a Choose Your own Adventure Format


Basically what the title says, but this is a funny jab at Johnny Manizel's quest to be the top pick in the draft. This link does include a cameo by Howard Stern and reveals the "real" reason why Washington Won Super Bowl 26.

What happens If you aren't drafted


This is the draft story of Phil Lutzenkirchen. What happened is that Phil ended up going undrafted. He spins a great yarn about his experience. This includes his combine experience, and the reality of his draft day. If you read any fanshot in the next few hours, please check out this one.

FAN Day @ AT&T Stadium -- FREE!



New Orleans Saints Front Office Heading to Vegas


Roger Goodell isn't going to love this. But here's hoping that Rob Ryan doesn't leave everything in Vegas.

Vince Young becomes Camp Body With Browns


Finally the Vince Young drama comes to a close.