Bill Barnwell Article on The Cowboys' Cap Issues


An outsider's view of the Cowboys' cap issues.

Sean Lee says good riddance


To Jay Ratliff. It's too bad jay, I thank you for the good years but wish you would have handled thing differently this past year. And Sean, stay classy

Cap relief If Rat signs with another team this year?


Not knowing all the ins and outs of NFL contracts, it makes sense. I wonder if Jerry is waiting to see if he signs with another team to get the cap relief and if not then the legal issues will be put forth.

Cowboys to play in London in 2014


There will be 3 London games in 2014 and one of them will be Cowboys versus Jaxsonville!

Mo's Migraines a long term issue?


I know the Cowboy's knew of his migraines but I can't help but think what is the reason for his migraines? Could they be concussion related (jumping on the wagon)? Could this be something the team should be concerned with in the long term?

Live Tweet study of an ACL surgery


What the title says. Not related to the Cowboys, but it gives an idea as to how an ACL tear surgery is performed. In this case, the patient is a 19-year old female, but it could be anybody. Both RGIII and Derrick Rose are among the athletes that underwent this surgery.

Cowboys likely playing in London next year


According to Schefty, anyway, the NFL wants one of its marquee teams playing across the pond. This would be a home game for the Jags (the dumpster fire we put up against them in 2010 was in our place, so the NFL's scheduling formula dictates it would be their turn in '14), so I can't think of a ton of downside for us.

Cowboys VS Lions Official Game Notes


All the news and histories of the franchise with views on the Lions present and past

Anything you can do... I can do better...


Lions talking of benching Chris Houston? Really now? Who's gonna cover Dez?