Cherry Picking Stats- Dak VIII


This is what we need to continue to use as our base. MM should be smart enough to see that with a sprinkling of Jarwin, Pollard & Zeke. This is the recipe for 40 Burgers!

Cherry Picking Stats- Dak VII


He can be good & should improve. Let's remember he wasn't a slinger when he got here, but we are seeing him turn into one now that he has an arsenal at his disposal. I smell 40 Burgers cooking!

Cherry Picking Stats- Dak V


Some will say all in garbage time, but maybe the uptempo is part of the recipe for 40 Burgers!

Cherry Picking Stats- Dak II


I keep looking, but I do not see his name on this list that goes 14 deep. I do see Andy Dalton's name for those of you who think crazy. Shouldn't his name be high on the list, because that's what I keep reading? Maybe, just maybe Dak is pretty good & we need to get over the fact he is about to get paid a lot of money. This season he will shatter his numbers from last year, the offense has that kind of weaponry.

Best Trio in the League


These highlights are fun to watch & a tease of what is to come this season. enjoy