Cruz gets $15.6 million guarantees in new deal | ProFootballTalk


"According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the new contract extension agreed to by Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is worth $43 million for the five new years of the deal, on top of the $2.987 million he was scheduled to make this year as a restricted free agent."

Supplemental Draft on Thursday! Excited? Me Neither


The six eligible players are: DE James Boyd, UNLV DT Nate Holloway, UNLV DE Toby Jackson, Central Florida WR DeWayne Peace, Houston WR O.J. Ross, Purdue DB Damond Smith, South Alabama I predict the Cowboys Pass

Why Dallas Will Win The NFC East


Well, I have a newborn, I'm up late, bored, and like a little confrontation with our Redskins counterparts. Feel free to rec the hell out of it if you can, and definitely answer the poll.

NFP Sunday Blitz focuses on Kiffin and Cowboys' switch to 4-3


More than any of the free agents or draft choices the Dallas Cowboy added in the spring, the team’s most notable offseason acquisition was almost certainly the hiring of venerable defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, who at age 73 returns to the NFL after a four-season hiatus from the league.

Morris Claiborne heads list of Defensive Backs poised to break out in 2013


Pretty cool write-up by Bucky Brooks on why he thinks Mo will have a breakout campaign this year.

Rams vision of a 1st class stadium sure looks familiar.


The Rams have a clause in their stadium contract that states they can break their lease in 2014 if the dome isn't a 1st tier facility. Here is a list of demands to do so. "In order to make the Edward Jones Dome a "first-tier" facility, the Rams proposed tearing down half of the existing dome in order to extend it, build a large glass wall, add a sliding roof with reconfigured seating and two end zone "party platforms","

BSPN haters all predict 9-7 at best for Cowboys, bash Romo


'trending towards irrelevancy'. Ha! ESPN's gonna eat their words this season when the Cowboys win the NFC East. Only one person on the panel says look at the offensive line or the other factors that have held Dallas back in recent seasons. The rest spout the usual crap about how Romo's not clutch in playoff on the line games etc.

Monte Kiffin's age doesn't matter to Cowboys Players


Not much to this article except there is a minor glimpse behind the scenes at the Ranch when it comes to the Cowboys on defense.