Schefter: Cowboys released LB Dan Connor.


Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter Cowboys released LB Dan Connor.

Watkins: Cowboys value FS Vaccaro "immensely"


According to ESPN Dallas' Calvin Watkins, the Cowboys value Texas FS Kenny Vaccaro "immensely." They're also needy at free safety after releasing Gerald Sensabaugh. It sounds like Vaccaro will be squarely on Dallas' radar if he's available with the 18th overall pick. The Rams draft at No. 16 overall and also have a safety need. Source: ESPN Dallas

Giants won't wage bidding war for TE Bennett (Rotoworld)


According to the NY Daily News, the Giants are unwilling to enter a "bidding war" for free agent Martellus Bennett. The Daily News anticipates the Buccaneers pursuing Bennett, and they have more money to spend than the G-Men. Per beat writer Ralph Vacchiano, Giants TE coach Mike Pope -- among the most respected assistants in the game -- "has his eye on an under-the-radar tight end in the draft." The prospect is undisclosed. Source: New York Daily News

Jerry Richardson: Carolina Panthers Owner and Entitled Old Prat


Deadspin reveals some leaked documents that show the Panthers turning a healthy profit of $100m in the years they were readying for the lockout, and subsequently crying financial hardship at the bargaining table. This was going on as the Panthers went 2-14 and Richardson claimed negative cashflow of $200m. All the while NFL owners were sitting on a brand new TV deal that starts in 2014 and is expected to generate even greater revenue. Of course, now Richardson wants to renovate the stadium for $300m and expects the city of Charlotte and the state of N. Carolina to pick up 2/3rds of the tab. Ugh. Anyway, it's a fascinating read and rare peek behind the NFL's financial iron curtain -- the same one that even the NFLPA could not breach. Just like the Cowboys draft board in 2010, it's one of those things you may never see again.

Patrick Lewis


What do you guys think of him late in the draft? What is it about him that has him ranked to low? Watching the Aggies this year, I thought he looked really good. Personally, I think he would really upgrade our line. Give me Warmack/Cooper in round 1, Barrett Jones in round 2, and Lewis is 6 or 7, and I think we solve our o-line problems for years to come. Or is this guy just not that good?

A personal mock draft


I do some writing for a Wisconsin based sports blog that does some really good work. I did my first Mock Draft for them, and I promise you will at the very least be entertained with the read. If you are killing time at work or in class, it will be worth your time.

Anthony Tag & Trade


I thought this was a nice article that could happen.

Effect of the rookie salary schedule


PFF has a series on evaluating the cost effectiveness of teams. One trend that emerged from this analysis was how the old and new Collective Bargaining Agreements affected the value of high draft picks over the past five years. The results are exactly as you would expect, with players in their rookie contract in the new CBA being undervalued, and those in their rookie contract from the old CBA being overvalued. What might surprise you is just how exceptionally true that is.