Saints tag Brees


Bit of a surprise that the Saints couldn't get a deal worked out with Brees up til now. This means WR Marques Colston and Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks will hit free agency.

Ted "Motor City Madman" Nugent franchised!


According to ProFootballTalk Uncle Ted has a "Stranglehold" on the kicking job for the Cleveland Browns. Perhaps the writer was suffering from "Cat Scratch Fever" and mistook Ted for Mike Nugent? However, I'm gonna believe that the city that has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and the team that pretty much stinks) is making a BIG, BOLD move here and letting Ted try his hand at kicking!

*Breaking News* Saints under major investigation paying defensive players for "Bounties"


Wow. Going to get ugly. A huge black eye for the Saints and NFL. If they are doing it, most likely so are other teams. Update story in comments. UPDATE Shefty and King both agree punishment will be significantly worse than Spygate. UPDATE #2 Schefter on NFL Live : "In week of the NFCCG, Vilma put $10k on a table and said 'this goes to the guy that knocks out Brett Favre.' "

BTB Block option


Hey guys, is there a way to block certain users from showing up on the post? Some blogs have that feature but I can't find/don't see if BTB has that option for users. Am I just missing it, or does it not exist? Also, look 99.99% of the folks on this blog are great. But, there are one or two knuckleheads that I'd rather just not read. Muchos Grouchos! Jed

Saints GM reportedly calls Brees very good but not great


Normally I don't care much what happens in Saint's land but this was a jaw dropping headline for a GM to make. Just WOW. All time single season passing record? Check! Superbowl Winner? Check! Took a moribund franchise and captained is rise to relevance, check! Talk about making a headline for the wrong reason.

Desean Jackson, Tyvon Branch tagged


Heres the link for the Branch tag: I'm honestly surprised. Did not expect Jackson to be playing in Philly next year.

Chris Carr to be released


From what I gather he isn't a bad player. Could be an option as a backup CB.

Wimbley Available Soon


Forget Anthony Spencer at 7-8 Mil. You want your pass rusher, here he is. Not sure if Rob Ryan traded him, or traded for him, probably will relate to our interest level. Either way, I believe he could be a force across from Ware.

The Trouble in Projecting QB Performance


It's hard enough to predict how a veteran QB will perform year-to-year, making prospect projections incredibly difficult. One fact that pops out is that interception percentage has less than 1% explanatory power season-to-season.

Should we draft both Mark Barron and Harrison Smith?


The Cowboys Safety corps is a joke. We haven't had a really good safety tandem since the days of Darren Woodson and George Teague. So let me ask you BTB, should we do it? According to National Football Post, Mark Barron, SS is the 15th best prospect in this draft. SS, Harrison Smith is the 79th best prospect in this draft. Although listed as a SS, Smith to me, at least, looks better suited to play FS. He's better at playing center field, while Barron could play can roam around near the LOS. I'm open to this possibility. We'd instantly improve the back end of the defense with two very smart players with ball skills.