Vick linked to nude photo scandal.


Looks like an undercover Cowboys agent at work here

What we already knew about Vick


Vick tops Forbes list of most disliked NFL players, Does this really surprise anyone? I know how sick I get of hearing how he "paid" his debt to society.

Murray faces up to four years in prison, will be sentenced Nov. 29


Murray faces up to four years in prison, will be sentenced Nov. 29

Mock Draft: Cowboys 15th Pick (If the season ended today)

  1. OG David DeCastro - Stanford
  2. DE/DT Billy Winn - Boise State
  3. CB Asa Jackson - Cal Poly
  4. FS Trent Robinson - Michigan State
  5. WR Joe Adams - Arkansas

Am I only one that wants Sean Lissemore to start?


According to ProFootballFocus... Dallas vs Seattle: Kenyon Coleman (-1.6) Marcus Spears (-3.3) Sean Lissemore (+2.4) Jason Hatcher (+1.7)

Yahoo! sports opinion of Demarco Murray


Yahoo! sports article mentions Demarco Murray's situation in Dallas. Has a very strong opinion. Money Comment "DeMarco Murray, Running Back, Dallas Cowboys. You know how some people say that a player shouldn't lose his job because of an injury? Those people are wrong, and if Felix Jones gets another start over DeMarco Murray, everyone in Dallas should be fired. I don't just mean the Cowboys coaching staff, I mean every current citizen of the city of Dallas who is currently employed. Is that a harsh overreaction? Maybe, but I feel strongly about this." LOL

Asa Jackson


The video isn't good quality and you have to work a bit to find him because he isn't pointed out, but you will be pleased with his efforts. He is #2. 5'10" 188lbs 4.40 40yd Proj: 3rd - 5th Round School: Cal Poly The first thing that you'll remember after watching him is his toughness. He is a strong CB who will go head on with a RB to make the tackle. He shows that Dez Bryant aggressiveness. Given the opportunity, he'll lay out a WR. Asa is fast with Mike Jenkins type speed and shows good agility. He's also a return man with a good ability to find the ball in the air. This is extremely important for CBs when an offense goes deep. Here's an article on him from August 22, 2011. Here's a video to one of two of his pick-6 so far this year. Jump to 1:52. For Comparison: Orland Scandrick - 4.32 40yd Frank Walker - 4.33 40yd Mike Jenkins - 4.38 40yd Gerald Sensabaugh - 4.44 40yd